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Microfiche & Microfilm Scanning & Conversion

Gain Media Independence by having Datamation scan all of your microfiche and microfilm

Datamation Microfilm & Microfiche Conversion

Datamation will collect your microfiche jackets, microfilm rolls and aperture cards, then scan, OCR, and index them at our secure facility. We will accurately convert your document images to PDF, TIFF or any other file format. We will then upload or distribute the corresponding digital files in any format of your choosing—perfect to make those old personnel records, payroll records, medical records, and drawings instantly accessible.

We will also provide point-and-click access to your entire document archive utilizing ImageSilo cloud document management, reducing document retrieval to a matter of seconds, with image quality often higher than the originals. This frees valuable office space for other uses, saves on service contracts and results in dramatic time savings from day one—all of which combine to quickly offset the cost of the initial conversion.

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If you've got at least 25 rolls of microfilm, 100 sheets of microfiche or hundreds of aperture cards, we'll scan a sample of them at no charge. Just click or call and we'll arrange for pick-up and scan the sample. We'll burn the images to DVD, FTP to your system or, better yet, upload them to the ImageSilo Cloud and give you a month of complimentary access to this document management system. There are no obligations or long-term commitments.

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This makes microfilm and microfiche conversion an ideal, cost-effective solution for: