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Taft-Hartley (Multi-Employer) Funds

Organizations and unions subject to Taft-Hartley Act regulations must maintain a wide spectrum of documents relating to pension, benefits, insurance and membership records.

Datamation has over 20 years of experience providing services and systems to help organizations maintain Taft-Hartley compliance, supporting streamlined document management and workflow systems.

Datamation consultants work with fund administrators and managers to analyze an organization’s information and design a customized imaging, document management and workflow solution to seamlessly integrate with your current systems to drive productivity and efficiency.  Our services can image-enable the software you use today (Basys, ISSI).  Solutions include on-premise as well as outsourced cloud-based platforms.

Application Examples



Datamation will work with you to determine the information your organization needs to capture, process, access and archive all the key records in your fund office.  Our solutions eliminate thousands of hours wasted every year filing and searching for documents, and help you avoid fines for being non-compliant with industry regulations.

Experience Counts

Datamation has more than 20 years’ experience working with multi-employer fund offices.  We understand your document management and workflow needs, and we have experience working with the following organizations:


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