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How Do Schools Determine Compliance?

This post is part of The Datamation Guide to Managing School District Records. It is legally necessary that student records are kept for a certain amount of time, often until long after the student graduates or leaves. These records contain information like the student’s name, address, contact information of the parent or legal guardian, grades…

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Managing School Board Meeting Minutes

This post is part of The Datamation Guide to Managing School District Records. Digitizing and storing records doesn’t just apply to student and personnel records. Managing and storing School Board meeting minutes electronically gives your district reliable access to a comprehensive record of important district decisions. And where do those important district decisions happen? School…

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Why Immediate Access to Student Records is Vital

This post is part of The Datamation Guide to Managing School District Records. Student records contain a huge amount of very important information that must be readily available. When your school district has hundreds of students, handling paper records can be extremely inconvenient. When records need to be accessed immediately, even if they are well-organized,…

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ImageSilo R84 Updates: Everything You Need to Know

Over the next few weeks, ImageSilo, your document repository, will be undergoing some significant user interface changes designed to make your user experience even better. As a premier reseller of ImageSilo, our team at Datamation is here to keep you informed and minimize the impact to your organization. Everything about this update is intended to…

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Are You Scanning Your Special Ed Files? You Should Be!

Like any student record, Special Education records need to be kept and maintained in order to comply with state regulations, and to assess the future needs of the student. The real difference is that student files for children with special needs can be hundreds or thousands of pages long, depending on how much attention the…

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Fulfill FOIA Requests With More Efficiency

When you saw the headline pop up on your phone, you knew it was going to be a bad day at work.

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HR Automated Workflow: Transform the Way You Get Things Done

Working in human resource management is often a thankless position. Youre the resolver of disputes. Youre the nagger-in-chief. You push more paper across your desk than anyone else in the company.

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Transparency, Compliance, and FOIA Requests

Transparency is at the core of any government institutions responsibility to the public. As the Business Manager of your School district you’re well aware the most important part of that is timely compliance with Freedom of Information Law requests.

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Automate Workflow to Transform Student Records Management

Everyone knows parents stress out when their little ones first go off to school. But behind those adorable bus stop photos is a mountain of work for school employees and parents to get a child registered.

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