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Is your district inundated with transcript requests that come from letters, faxes, emails, telephone calls, and in-person office visits?  Now you can manage all your school district’s record and transcript requests in one simple online transcript request system called Scriborder. This technology funnels all record requests through your current website, allowing you to process student record requests from a single portal.  Scriborder is fully customizable, secure, and ensures full compliance with the Federal Education Rights Privacy Act (FERPA). And the best part is it comes at no cost to the district.

Please note: if you have a question about a transcript/record request, please contact the school district you requested the records from.

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Scriborder Processing

You’re already aware that record requests can come from many places—current students, alumni, or businesses seeking verification. They’re looking for everything from academic transcripts to diplomas, GED requests, transfer requests, and deferred action requests. You have all of these documents, but the process for filling requests can be burdensome without the proper system and software. That’s where Scriborder comes in.

Scriborder Student Transcript Request Process

With Scriborder, all records requests are filed by the individual online. The software requires students to provide the relevant data for automated identification and helps students clarify exactly what records they need to avoid unnecessary or duplicate requests. Those requests are then filed in a queue for your internal processing.

Once you have located the documents and verified the authenticity of the request, the process is even easier:

  • Order and pay online: Scriborder can track and process payment for duplication of academic records.
  • Verify and communicate: Scriborder notifies the student when their order has been received and when it is being processed. If there are problems along the way, student data is automatically captured. It can even facilitate communication via phone or email to help your employees quickly clarify the situation and process the request.
  • Fulfilling the order: Scriborder notifies when the request has been fulfilled, cutting down on the number of calls and emails from people seeking updates on whether their request has been filled.

FERPA Compliance

The Federal Education Rights Privacy Act requires districts to maintain and distribute records under strict rules of confidentiality.  Scriborder is designed to maintain compliance with all FERPA mandates. Additionally, it can be set up so that requests for documents from inappropriate sources are automatically flagged for your attention.

FERPA Compliance Checklist

Get the Best Plan for Your School District

Improve your district and keep your students safe and happy by ensuring you're in compliance with FOIA and FERPA guidelines.

Scriborder Customization

Every school has its own system for document retention and duplication. There are preset templates that cover the basic record request parameters, Scriborder enables your district to fully customize the information included in a request to enable your staff to meet that request with minimal work. Search fields can include student identification numbers, alumni graduation year, gender, birth date, start or end date, program or field of study, degree type, building name, and any other searchable data field that might make life easier for your records department.

Scriborder Implementation

Datamation can help you seamlessly integrate Scriborder into your district’s records office. Our trained staff will teach your employees how to use the program and work with your contracted or in-house website administrator to ensure the necessary pages and portals are in place before the system goes live.