Artsyl specializes in reducing manual data entry through data and document capture provided by two key products, InvoiceAction and ClaimAction.


InvoiceAction is an automated invoice processing solution that replaces manual data entry, speeds up AP documents processing time, and reduces the costs by as much as 80%. Call Datamation for a demonstration of InvoiceAction.

  • Reduce invoice processing costs by 80% or more
  • Eliminate manual data entry and reduce errors
  • Improve data accuracy through rules-based validation
  • Automate 3-way matching for PO orders/invoices/receipts
  • Keep staff productive by sending alerts and notifications


ClaimAction provides a medical claim automation solution reducing data entry costs and streamlining the healthcare claims process. Gain speed, accuracy and compliance using leading-edge capture technology.

  • Batch scan your claim documents (no separators required)
  • Extract data from paper docs or digital files
  • Streamline medical claims approvals
  • Trigger alerts to eliminate bottlenecks and reduce cycle times
  • Create or modify transactions in your back-end systems