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Mi-Co Mi-Forms

Mi-Forms from Mi-Co offers a complete suite of cross-platform software solutions in making YOUR data capture truly easy and accurate. It provides an intuitive user experience of easy electronic forms (eForms) design, quick on-site data collection, centralized form and workflow management, and extensive back-end system integration.

Electronic forms can be easily built either entirely by the Mi-Forms Designer, or from existing form definitions like Teleform Designer files and forms built in back-end systems. Pre-designed forms in PDF or MS Word type can also be imported using a third party import tool. Forms can then be directly uploaded to the Mi-Forms Server and deployed to various types of PCs and tablets with the Mi-Forms Client installed, or by using web-forms deployed by the Mi-Forms Server on iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, HP Slate 500s, Android Slates, and more. You will find it very convenient to fill out the forms on the Mi-Forms Client with a digital pen on paper or a stylus on Tablet PC for online/offline data-entry.

More devices gathering more types of data in more places. Mi-Corporation offers the most control over user interface and data elements, and even works offline.