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Why Choose Datamation?

Helping businesses improve their efficiency is all we do.

Founded in 1995, Datamation started helping organizations streamline their business by scanning paper files into digital images. Since then, we've grown to include enterprise content management (ECM) and content services, consulting, a full suite of business process outsourcing, and digitizing all kinds of media.

Our team will provide you with superior customer service and a unique solution that’s tailored to your organization. Take a look at some of the industries we service below.

Benefit Funds

Datamation has more than 25 years of experience providing services and systems to help benefit funds manage files, calculate pension payouts faster, and maintain Taft-Hartley compliance. This is done with supporting streamlined document management and workflow systems.


Datamation has helped financial organizations overcome industry-specific challenges across the document lifecycle for viewing, collaborating, processing, and transforming financial documents.


Datamation is GSA-certified and helps federal agencies, state government, county government, and municipalities meet the challenges of 21st-century governance. Datamation provides document management solutions and government scanner sales that improve service in every department while cutting costs and creating instant access to public documents.


Datamation document management for hospitals and healthcare, clinics, and labs to ensure compliance with HIPAA. Solutions include patient file conversion, automated EOB capture, and invoice processing that integrates with your EMR system.


Complete automation of all Human Resources records. Consolidate and coordinate employee files during acquisitions and reorganizations. Microfiche scanning for retirement calculation and administration. Workflow for benefits calculations and important notifications.


Enhanced automation of claims processing through workflow and capture solutions. Conversion services for personnel files. See why Datamation is the largest reseller of Kodak scanners in North America. Over 25,000 scanners have been placed in insurance companies over the last three years.


Your plant is automated so why isn’t your records management? Our solutions for manufacturing can automate shipping and receiving, accounts payable/receivables and invoices, and automate and standardize MRP scheduling.

School Districts

Datamation helps school districts fulfill FOIA requests and comply with FERPA guidelines. Student files must be kept for 55 years! Datamation provides many solutions for student files, board minutes, buildings and grounds records, and personnel files. See how you could have a complete document management system for free.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

“Thanks to Datamation, we are better able to focus our time and energy on serving our customers and meeting corporate goals."

-David M.

“The goal for schools is always to save on operational costs in order to put more money into instruction. Thanks to Datamation we were able to implement a system that allows us to improve staff efficiency and to convert human resources and accounts payable storage space into classrooms, putting more of our budget to work for students.”

-Troy W.

“Productivity has increased. Information is accessible in almost real time. We’ve managed to clear out lots of space, and without the cost of folders, boxes, rubber bands, and storage space, we save money.”

-John H.

“We have saved the equivalent of a full-time employee from an auditing perspective alone.”

-Sandra M.

“I can find HR records quickly. We were at ground zero when everything was on paper, so it was hard to find what we needed. But now it’s much faster!” 

-Dennita S.

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