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Document Management Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Datamation’s healthcare document management solutions help physicians, clinics, hospitals, and labs ensure compliance with HIPAA, automate EOB and invoice processing, integrate with your EMR/EHR system, and allow you to provide greater patient care through instant access to all patient records. The alternative? Inefficiency, fines for non-compliance with HIPAA, lost records, and errors in patient care.

Patient files make up much of the paperwork in the healthcare industry. Although many organizations have gone to paperless EMR systems, paper still abounds. What do you do with the older files? How long are you required to keep them? What do you do when a patient carries in their files? Many of these questions can be answered by considering retention rules and laws like HIPAA. With an ever increasing amount of patient information being stored in hospitals, these laws can be difficult to adhere to with paper records.

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Datamation’s healthcare document management solution not only digitizes patient medical and insurance records, but also extracts valuable data, eliminating manual key entry and making digitized records and data available instantly and securely within your operation.

When these documents are scanned and managed electronically, they can be accessed in seconds, allowing doctors to provide optimal care as soon as it is needed. Datamation can scan these documents as they arrive and can also provide backlog services for existing paper files. Prescriptions can be scanned directly in pharmacies for compliance, verification, and support. Datamation can also provide on-premise or cloud-based systems, depending on your specific needs.

Other Benefits Datamation Can Help You Realize

  • Improve patient care through instant access to all patient records, medical records and charts
  • Reduce time and cost of EOB and invoice processing, resulting in faster payments
  • Minimize or eliminate costly document storage requirements
  • Increase information security and ensure compliance with HIPAA
  • Instantly share patient records between departments
  • Reduce costs due to courier, overnight mail, and long distance faxes

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