Select the right software for the job.

Document Capture

Datamation uses the latest imaging technology to provide your company with the clearest image of your documents, saving them in perfect condition for years to come. We’ll discuss with you what your best option would be based on your company’s specific needs.

Document Management

Datamation can find the document management software solution to fits your company’s needs perfectly. Reduce costs, spend less time on manual data entry, and never worry about the security of your information again.

Electronic Forms

Have you ever wished you could just bypass the pains of paper? eForms allow common forms like emergency contact information, I-9’s, or W-2’s to be filled out on a tablet or a computer and then directly integrated into a workflow process.

Electronic Forms Software Includes:

Digitech E-Forms

Email Management

Handling mail internally costs an average of $20 per item, and with mail volumes declining steadily, this cost increases every year. By outsourcing your mailroom to Datamation, you can dramatically cut your mail handling costs.

Report Management

You can process, organize, index and display print streams in easy-to-read electronic reports. You can make data more accessible and easier to manage with the ability to print, fax, and distribute in an electronic format.


An automated workflow can take tedious paper processing and make it effortless to stay organized, save money, and spend more time on the bigger tasks within your company.

Workflow Software Includes:

Digitech PaperVision Workflow