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Conversion Services

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There are countless legacy systems and media formats sitting in company back rooms and storage closets. How do you make sense of it all? What’s the best and most efficient way to scan the thousands and thousands of documents, microfiche, and other media you have? And equally important, how will you access them once they are digitized?

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Making Sense of Clutter

Our clients come to us for our extensive knowledge of all legacy systems and media formats, and our ability to integrate them with your current business applications so documents are easy to find. The number of documents and media formats, combined with software or hardware challenges, presents a daunting task for any organization. Let Datamation take the guesswork out of document scanning and conversion, quickly and efficiently.

We Come to You

We’ll pick up your files or work on-site, perform the conversion, and upload/distribute your files in any format required. But don’t worry, the highest quality is ensured by our seven-step process.

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