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Mailroom Outsourcing

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Did you know that handling mail internally costs an average of $20 per item? And since mail volumes are declining, this cost increases every year.

But by outsourcing your mailroom to Datamation, you can dramatically cut your mail handling costs. All of your critical incoming documents—billing statements, invoices, letters, purchase orders, membership applications, employment applications, insurance appeals, and legal documents—can be electronically converted and sent to you in a convenient digital format, before you knew you needed them.

The result: your staff can serve as knowledge workers instead of manual document laborers.

How Mailroom Outsourcing Works

Our experienced operators will scan all mail on the same day it arrives and convert the documents to a digital file format. Images of all documents will be emailed to your team and/or uploaded to your server, accounting system, ERP system, or document management system. Because every piece of mail will be made digital, there will also be less of a need to make copies, cutting your costs even further. This is the first step to automating all of your cost centers.

Because Datamation handles all of your mail scanning services, it eliminates the need for the expense of manual labor, meaning more of your payroll will be dedicated to the talent you need for your business to shine. Our data capture systems enable you to carry every piece of mail with you in your email inbox, decreasing clutter and the likelihood important documents are lost.

Outsourced mail services are especially useful for companies heavily reliant on paper documents that ultimately require digitization. Companies that deal in healthcare, banking, insurance, transportation, and logistics have shown exceptional financial and automated workflow benefits from outsourcing their mailrooms.

Convert Common Mail To Digital Formats

Mail comes in one form: paper. But frequently that’s not the medium you need. Incoming mail can easily be converted to PDF or other common digital formats, eliminating a step in your data entry process.

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Benefits Of Using An Outsourced Mail Service

Setting aside the obvious benefits in reduced cost of manual labor, there are a number of other perks associated with outsourcing your incoming mail:

Touchless digital conversion 

Our document capture and scanning software will ensure that your employees don’t waste time converting incoming mail into a digital format. Incoming mail will go straight from the mailbox to your inbox.

Security and confidentiality

Datamation uses a three-step verification process to ensure that every piece of mail you receive is captured and sent to the recipients you specify.

Quick and easy access to documents

Incoming mail will enable you to receive every piece of mail converted to email, which is available at the click of a mouse or the tap of a screen. No more sorting documents or waiting until the mailman shows up to rummage through a pile of papers for the one thing you really needed.

Centralized mail

Interoffice mail delivery can be a complicated process, especially for large companies. By outsourcing your mailroom, you take the first step in fully automating your company’s workflow—all with the confidence every incoming document is delivered where it should be. Mailroom employees can spend more than half their day simply sorting all the incoming and interoffice mail.  A centralized, automated sorting system reduces that risk substantially.

Minimized risk

Minimize the risk of misplaced, delayed or lost documents by digitizing them the same day they arrive.

Cost savings

Managing labor cost is of paramount importance.  Focus your labor on the kind of front-end talent necessary to be a leader in your industry. You know your core business—and it isn’t delivering the mail.

Save office space

Needless to say, the mailroom is an actual room—one that tends to be stuffed with overflowing boxes and recycling totes. All that paper eventually gets moved around the building and can clutter up public space. When a client walks in and sees a reception desk buried in paper it can send a message your office is disorganized. Save the space hard copy mail can take up and make your office a cleaner, more organized—and eco-friendly— place to work.

No more lost mail

When you tell someone something must have been lost in the mail, it sounds like “my dog ate my homework.” Lost mail is a fact of life, but once it arrives where it should, there’s no excuse. By automatically digitizing incoming mail, you eliminate the chance that anything can be lost.


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