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Document Management Solutions for Local, State, and Federal Government

Did you know that within government agencies and local governments 58% of customer interactions are paper-driven? And on top of that, only 1 in 3 government employees feel like those paper processes are effective.

So perhaps it’s time to consider a better solution to improve your employee efficiency and help your customers and constituents.

Our GSA-certified solutions assist federal agencies, state government, county government, and municipalities to meet the challenges of 21st-century governance with document management solutions that improve service in every department while cutting costs and creating instant access to public documents.

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The Impact of the CARES Act and the American Rescue Plan

Thanks to recent legislation, local governments have access to more funds to make the transition from paper-based to digital. Two things that all government bodies should do, if they haven't already, are:

  • Scan all paper and microfilm backfiles
  • Identify and implement a document management system (most of our government clients use Laserfiche, but it's best to evaluate multiple systems!)

With digital files you can ensure effectiveness in remote work, free up space in the office, and have automatic backups for simplified disaster recovery.

But that's not all you can do. With a digital-first strategy you can serve your residents better. Process automation tools and electronic forms allow for streamlining permit requests, efficiently administering grants, simplifying audits. Residents can log into a public portal to access critical documents. You can create dashboards to easily track public health tracing, vaccines, and other related data.

Nearly any process currently performed on paper can be translated to digital. And with money available from the federal government, now is the time to start transforming the way your local government works.

Government as an Industry

Local and state governments have more in common with the average company than you might think. Just like a company, government agencies have HR departments, large amounts of paper, and the need for accounts payable processes. In fact, government sectors are the largest generators of paper in the United States. So, like other companies, government agencies can benefit enormously from document scanning and management.

Scanning paper files ensures adherence to HIPAA and the National Archives and Records Administration electronic records mandate, among others. Digital records can save time and money when it comes to mailroom functions, onboarding of new employees, and improve access to documents for remote teleworkers.

Government File Storage and Management Needs

The government keeps track of thousands of different types of documents that must be available for reference each day. Permits for municipalities take up space and are referenced frequently, and important drawings are often found within these permit files. Local and state governments are also responsible for the storage of birth, marriage, and death records, which require safekeeping for several years.

Other files include state unemployment claims, DMV records, police case files, board packets, and finance files. There is a considerable amount of paper to be processed, sorted, and stored – with little room for error. By scanning all of these records, each one of them becomes immediately accessible, more secure, and more easily processed.

Some document management systems even allow for the public to access records or make requests through a portal, saving even more time for your employees.

HR Record Management Benefits for Government Agencies

Like a larger company, state and local governments employ a lot of people, which means their HR and personnel departments have a lot of responsibility (and paper). Employee records contain resumes, references, employment records, emergency contact information, performance reviews, and more. This volume of paper requires storage and processing, both of which can be made significantly easier with document scanning and automated workflow.

Automated AP Processing Benefits for Government Agencies

Most municipalities have more than one vendor, which makes automated AP processing a valuable service. All the pains of data entry, routing, approval, and matching happen automatically, with little to no human intervention. This frees up your accounting department to focus on the big tasks.

Government Agency Scanner Sales

Scanners are incredibly valuable in the government sector when it comes to capturing key documents up front to improve process workflow. Kodak Alaris scanners are built to scan large volumes of paper while taking up minimal space and energy.

Because government records are referenced frequently, they must be completely legible, which is not a problem for Kodak scanners. An LED light source lights the document as it scans, ensuring that each image and word is properly illuminated. Datamation has a long relationship with Kodak Alaris and has outfitted many municipalities with high quality scanners.

Other Benefits Datamation Can Help You Realize:

  • Standardize your entire organization on a single document management platform
  • Enable data exchange between departments and agencies
  • Integrate with the applications you already use to support cashiering and fee collection
  • Create a central point of control for all your information, without forcing localized groups to change their existing business processes
  • Expand your document management platform throughout your organization, crossing departmental boundaries and integrating with your line-of-business applications and legacy systems to eliminate data silos
  • Easily backup critical information to ensure government continuity in the event of a disaster

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