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manufacturing document management

Document Management for Manufacturing

Your plant is automated so why isn’t your records management? Our solutions for manufacturing can automate shipping and receiving, accounts payable/receivables and invoices, and automate and standardize MRP scheduling.

What makes manufacturing documents unique from those of other industries is the fact that many of them are large format, which means they cannot be scanned with a normal scanner. Datamation has specialized scanners than make the preservation of blueprints, drawings, and parts catalogs possible. Rather than rolling these large documents up and storing them in a dusty room, they can be preserved for as long as necessary in legible, clear formats.

Because these documents are stored so efficiently, manufacturers can accelerate the production process and control costs. This, in turn, cuts electronic delivery time, decreases routing errors, and makes storing vital data more efficient and secure than ever.

Other Benefits Datamation Can Help You Realize

  • Streamline shipping and receiving
  • Drastically cut down time and money spent on accounting
  • Improve ISO 9000 – ISO/TS 16949 – QS 9000 quality systems
  • Stop misfiling or losing important documents
  • Free up employee time lost to filing and searching for documents
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
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