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Form & Survey Processing

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form survey processing

Does your business have handwritten or paper forms?  Do you rely on customer feedback via electronic surveys that need to be tabulated, quantified, and stored? Datamation has software that can automate your form and survey processing.  Our form capture software will take data on paper forms for a wide array of industries and convert them into easy-to-process databases. We can also help you take data collected electronically and process it without wasting man hours using our digital data capture software.

The bottom line: any business that spends more than 100 man-hours in manual data entry can benefit from automated form and survey processing.

Paper Conversion

Your paper forms are created as a digital form.  This immediately eliminates the tedious and costly work of data entry.

Electronic Data Capture

Computer scripts are written to search and collect emails and other forms with keywords and extract the data contained in those documents to your database.

Document Processing

Once all of the incoming information is collected and digitized, our document management system organizes it and saves it into an online database that is accessible to any employee who needs it anywhere, any time.

form survey processing service

Benefits Of Automated Form & Survey Processing

Any business that is presently spending more than 100 man-hours on manual data entry can realize financial and workflow benefits from automated form and survey processing. Often, data entry positions are subject to high turnover or are filled by temporary workers. You can eliminate the headache of repeatedly training new workers, and replace it with an automated workflow that will be there 365 days a year.

If you’re using permanent employees to do data entry, you can free up time to focus on higher-level work that’s more important to your business, or realize the cost savings of downsizing your workforce.

In addition to the reduced cost, automated data capturing also eliminates the possibility of human errors, increasing efficiency.

Form Types

Our automated form and survey processing software can help businesses in a wide array of industries. Virtually any standardized form can be converted or processed. Specific businesses that have realized cost-saving and time-saving include:

  • Credit card applications
  • Emergency Contact
  • Insurance Enrollment
  • Employment Application
  • Medical claims
  • Surveys
  • Questionnaires
  • Market research
  • Feedback forms
  • Insurance claims
  • Online and email forms
  • Resumes
  • Mailers

Form & Survey Processing Systems

Datamation offers a range of various software packages and options and will assist with their implementation. Because of the high level of potential customization, cost of these software programs can vary.

There are also instances where some forms may need to be redesigned to make them candidates for automated processing. If that is the case, Datamation will work with your business to recreate them.


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