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Document Management Solutions for Human Resources

Human Resources departments rely on information. From personnel files to benefits plans to required government reports and more, fast and easy access to past and present files is critical to compliance and to running a competitive business. Discover how a fully-integrated document management solution can allow your HR department to spend less time on paper processing and more time on strategic planning.

An HR department carries out hundreds of functions every day – onboarding, offboarding, recruiting, hiring, payroll, and more. All of these processes require extensive paperwork, data entry, and valuable time. Document scanning and management provides a boost in efficiency that every company needs with automated workflows, effortless data entry, and eForms.

We've worked with HR software of all kinds to make sure that your processes get more efficient and that you receive more value than ever in them. No more going from your computer, to the filing cabinet, back to your computer just to copy data to another program. We streamline this entire process.

Other Benefits Datamation Can Help You Realize

  • Access Human Resources records via one easy interface
  • Grant access to multiple users to information previously locked up in paper
  • Scanning and indexing is a fraction of the time required to manually file and retrieve paper files
  • Eliminate costly file cabinets and off-site storage
  • Make misfiled and lost documents a thing of the past
  • Increase document security through user access levels and version control

Datamation can revolutionize the flow of your HR department. Because of the volume of paper handled by your department, it’s imperative that this paperwork is handled efficiently, and with care. Datamation provides your company with the tools it needs to save money, increase efficiency, and improve the overall performance of your company as a whole.

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Workflow Automation + Human Resources

It's a powerful combination. See for yourself.