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Scan to Zero Document Conversion

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scan to zero document conversion storage

Are you storing boxes of records with an off-site document storage vendor? If so, you are paying for records storage and lookups forever. That invoice comes every month and will never end…until now.

That's where Scan to Zero Document Conversion comes in.

What is Scan to Zero?

Scan to Zero is unique process that takes all of your records from box storage, evaluates what still needs to be kept, and gradually scans those paper records into digital files. With Scan to Zero, you are now spending money to convert your records, and thus, will eventually eliminate that never-ending storage bill once and for all.

How does this work? Let’s break it down.

The Datamation Scan to Zero Process:

  • We collect your boxes from your current document storage company and transfer them to our secure warehouse.
  • We analyze your boxes and then decide what will be scanned, what should be stored until the retention period has expired, and what has outlived its retention schedule and can be destroyed. You have final approval on all decisions.
  • Every month we scan a set number of boxes of the remaining records and deliver the digital files.
  • Once files are scanned, reviewed, and backed up, the paper copies are securely destroyed.
  • The scanning and digital file delivery process repeats every month until your files are completely digital.

Let’s go more in-depth on the features and benefits of Scan to Zero file scanning.

Benefits and Features of Scan to Zero

Digital Document Access

Need to look up a document? You will be incredibly excited the first time you can instantly access a document online or from your server. Conversely, a box storage company takes several days to access and provide you a file, if they can even find it. Imagine being able to pull up a file on your desktop in seconds vs. putting in a request for a file that may or may not be returned to you several days later.

Files can be accessed through a browser-based application or securely stored as PDF files on a server. They can even be made text searchable for more powerful access. This provides a more cost-efficient, secure, and accessible method for storing and accessing records that would otherwise be in boxes in an off-site facility.


scan zero find records quickly testimonial

Read the entire case study.


Records in boxes are the only copy you have. If these records are misplaced or destroyed, you no longer have any way to access them. Even document storage facilities with fire suppression systems are still susceptible to fire and weather damage.

Scanning your records provides a simple and easy method to back up your files. You can make multiple copies and upload them to a cloud storage system where they can be accessed from anywhere. We will provide you a backup of all your records.

No More Boxes

Imagine how liberating it would be to eliminate thousands of boxes. No more lifting, tracking, storing, numbering, or any other work toward managing archive records. No more spending money on boxes, transportation, box storage, and retrieval!

With the Scan to Zero service, all files will be digital. And if you want, we’ll even help you develop a plan to make sure that all of your day forward files are digital so you never have to go back to off-site box storage facilities.

Makes Financial Sense

box storage perpetual scanning one time freeInstead of paying unending monthly storage fees, you’re now paying for the scanning of your records. Once the scanning is complete, that’s it. No more paying for box storage or scanning. You are done.

It’s like having a principal-only loan vs. paying only interest on a loan that never ends!

We’ll work with you to develop a plan that works with your budget. It may take five or more years to scan all of your records, but the cost eventually ends with Scan to Zero. With a box storage company, it goes on and on with no end in sight.

Secure Box Destruction

Once scanned, reviewed and backed up, all boxes are securely destroyed. The scanned image becomes the new original so there is no need to keep paper. All destruction is performed at no extra charge.

Scan to Zero - See Relief Now, Pay Later!

A solution that slowly and consistently transforms paper piles into digital files affordably.

Scan to Zero is ideal for:

  • Companies with records in off-site box storage facilities that want to eliminate long term storage costs
  • Organizations that want to tackle a scanning project but don’t have all of the budget upfront
  • Business with records in multiple locations who want to streamline their information
  • Corporations moving offices that don't want to take the filing cabinets with them

Basically, if you have a significant amount of box stored off-site, or even on-site, this is a great solution for you. Eliminating this cost will pay off exponentially – just think of all the things you could do with the monthly fee you currently pay to the storage company!

Implementing Scan to Zero results in:

  • Safer and more reliable storage
  • An end to box storage fees
  • Faster retrieval time
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Interested in learning more about our Scan to Zero process? Contact us or give us a call at (630) 321-0601. We’ll be happy to crunch the numbers and give you an estimate for how long it will take to convert all of your paper documents in box storage to digital files.