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Document Management for Insurance Companies

Just from working in the insurance industry, you probably know that insurance professionals typically spend 50–70% of their day on file-related activities, from retrieving and routing to re-filing documents.

The good news? Datamation can help you cut this non-productive time to almost zero with our claims processing and document management solutions.

The insurance industry is heavily paper-based, and as a result, is one of the largest groups of document imaging technology users. Since an insurance company’s sole differentiator is customer service, managing policies, applications, claims, correspondence, and other related documents, in a quicker, more efficient manner than their competition will separate one insurance company from another.

We’ve worked with many insurance companies and have designed unique, helpful solutions for all of our customers.

Insurance Company Document Management Solutions

High Quality Document Scanners and Supplies

Datamation has placed and supported more than 40,000 desktop scanners at insurance companies. These scanners are used to quickly and effectively capture applications and claims to provide the best possible level of customer service. In one installation, an agent will scan an insurance application which can be reviewed and underwritten within 30 seconds from any location in the company. Just one scanner can process up to 50,000 claims per day.

We even provide service and support on all capture equipment. Even if a department has equipment from multiple vendors, a single point of service can be provided. When supplies and consumables are needed, such as rollers, belts, cleaning supplies, or anything else, we provide these supplies to keep your equipment running at an optimal level.

Scanning Insurance Files

Although most insurance companies do their own scanning, it is common to outsource applications such as personnel and accounting files so that the in-house scanning is used mainly for core applications. In addition, higher levels of confidentiality and privacy are maintained by outsourcing records such as personnel files.

For more information, see: Should You Outsource Document Scanning or Do It In-House?

Document Management Software

No matter what process you want to improve, a document management system can help. Having your documents stored in one means that you don’t ever have to leave your desk to find a file. Also depending on the software you use, you can utilize workflow to speed up underwriting and approvals.

Other Benefits Datamation Can Help You Realize

  • Automate the entire underwriting process
  • Real-time access to the most up-to-date customer information
  • Streamlined information sharing across underwriting, claims, customer service and finance
  • Reduced costs through automated workflow improvements
  • Improved customer service by rapid data processing and online archiving
  • Compliance with industry regulations (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley)

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Workflow Automation + Insurance Claims Processing

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