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We know how school districts operate. Our solutions for educational institutions provide instant access to student records, transcripts, admissions, student billing, financial aid, personnel files, and school board minutes. FERPA and NCLB-compliant, our document management solutions take the tediousness out of school administration and let you get back to more important district initiatives.

school district document management

Document Scanning and Management Benefits for School Districts

Manpower Reduction

Get instant access to scanned documents and film, which significantly reduces search time and eliminates re-filing, allowing staff to focus on more pressing issues.

Space Savings

Reclaim space and eliminate costly off-site storage with a document management system. Schools are often in need of more classroom or storage space – document scanning can free up the necessary space while increasing efficiency.

One of our school district clients was able to immediately convert previous storage space into a new classroom.


Immediately print or email document requests to students, alumni, employers, other schools, etc. while maintaining FERPA compliance. Scriborder allows for transcript requests to be sent directly from the school website quickly, efficiently, and securely.


Eliminate loss due to fire, water damage, or malicious intervention by easily backing up digital files. See how document scanning helped one school recover important student health records and other documents after Hurricane Katrina.

FOIA Compliance

Satisfy federal requirements to make student records and employee files available instantly, and archive emails for three years.

SOPPA Compliance

Guarantee student privacy data with ultra-secure content management systems. Assign user permissions so only people who need access to data and Personally Identifiable Information have it. Archive data off older ERP or student management systems to strengthen PII security.

If you are a current Datamation customer, download the PDF version of our SOPPA exhibit or visit the blog post.

FERPA Compliance

Ensure proper student record disclosure according to The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) federal law.

NCLB-No Child Left Behind Compliance

Adhere to annual testing and reporting requirements.

Why Work with Datamation?

Datamation has over 25 years of experience working with school districts and their records. We work with over 50 school districts in Illinois and have helped them regain space, time, and efficiency.

Here are some of the ways we help our clients:

  • Collect all records and analyze them to generate a list of whether they should be scanned, stored, or destroyed
  • Set up document management software and train staff for easy access to records
  • Create eforms and workflows to streamline processes like maintenance requests, healthcare enrollment, and HR onboarding
  • Generate a summary document of all the records we have scanned so the district can submit it to the state of Illinois for permission to destroy the hard copies
  • Create a single online destination for transcript, FOIA, and other requests

Datamation Webinars for Illinois School Districts

Watch the replays of our webinars about the upcoming SOPPA law, fulfilling. denying, and managing FOIA requests, and how long to keep your documents and how to make the process simple. Then go and download our Illinois School District Records Retention White Paper.

Student Online Personal Protection Act (SOPPA) Compliance: Everything Illinois Schools Need to Know

Illinois School Districts: Records Retention Schedules (Updated 7/2020)

See How One School District Saved By Moving Their Records To The Cloud.

The district is saving nearly $9,000 each year in productivity costs alone.