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Document Capture Software

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document capture and scanning software

Document Scanning and Capture Software

When it comes to scanning and importing documents into your document management system, you need a great document capture solution in your corner.

Document capture software, while also sometimes referred to as document scanning software, is so much more than just collecting information off scanned paper documents. It can also gather information from electronic documents and data sources.

For example: you might scan all of your papers employee healthcare files, but receive all of your invoices as PDFs. Document capture software solutions can handle both information sources! It will extract the imported data, index it, run optical character recognition (OCR) so the document is searchable, and file it away in your document/content management system.

Whether it’s a software or cloud implementation that requires integration with Microsoft SharePoint, ERP, document management, or other business applications, Datamation will work with you to determine the best document capture software application based for your company culture and business goals.