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Workflow Automation

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Today’s business processes are complex, often involving several departments, organizations, and outside companies. Building more effective business processes—and monitoring/optimizing them—can greatly improve both employee efficiency and customer satisfaction. Locating a solution that is easy to install, implement, and use is the key to a fast return on investment (ROI). That's where workflow automation comes in.

Datamation has partnered with industry leaders Digitech Systems and Laserfiche to bring you the most cost-effective and powerful workflow on the market. Potentially used to automate any business process, Datamation has special expertise in invoice processing, union fund management, HR benefits and compensation, and student records—see more solutions here.

With features that include out-of-the-box workflow samples and a user-friendly process design environment, designing and managing business processes has never been easier.

By creating automated business processes, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Automated processes resulting in reduced labor requirements
  • Greater visibility into process performance and ability to identify bottlenecks, enabling you to improve your process efficiency
  • Audit trails to increase visibility, adhere to compliance requirements and provide incentives to improve overall productivity