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Document Management Software

document management software

It’s true that document imaging and capture can eliminate paper and help your business become more efficient. But to drive real value and take productivity to the next level, you need document management and workflow systems.

Document management, the core of enterprise content management (ECM) systems, allows you to scan, archive, search, and retrieve your documents and email in seconds. Workflow further enhances productivity by automating manual, error-prone processes. E-forms add yet another level of automation, taking online forms of all types and importing them directly into your document management system for immediate access.

All these products integrate with whatever accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resource management (HRM), electronic medical and health record (EMR/HER), Microsoft SharePoint, or any other system you use.

Benefits of Document Management Software

  • Perform advanced searches and queries
  • Utilize file naming conventions
  • Flexibly control individual user access and activity rights
  • Remotely, securely, and simultaneously access documents
  • Locate documents almost instantly using text-based searches
  • Automatically link related documents
  • Track/audit activities related to each document

Best of all? There is a document management solution for every business and organization. Datamation partners with Digitech Systems and LaserFiche to deliver all the benefits of document management in two flavors: software implemented on-site, and document management in the cloud (SaaS-software as a service). So whether you prefer to manage every detail and keep everything on your own servers or you would rather leave the IT heavy-lifting to someone else, there’s a solution that’s right for you.