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The Datamation Guide to Document Scanning

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Why Document Scanning?

The best decision for your business is to scan, convert, and digitally store all of your important files. By getting rid of filing cabinets or eliminating the need for offsite storage, you are saving your company time, money, space, and resources. Let Datamation help you find the best solution for you and your business needs.

Document Scanning: Benefits & FAQs

There are many benefits to convert your paper files over to digital. Just think of the space you’d reclaim, not to mention the time and money you’d save!

Also, if you have any questions about the process, it’s probable that others have, too.

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Document Scanning Quote Calculator

Wondering how much it will cost to get all of your paper files, microfilm, and other documents scanned and digitized? Get your custom quote in 30 seconds!

How to Get Started with Document Scanning

Once you've decided that scanning your files is the right move for your business, you'll need to start planning how you're going to scan them. Do you want to handle it internally? If you're going to outsource it, how do you pick the right partner?

These resources help you get started in picking the right solution for your business.

The Datamation Scanning Process

Datamation’s 7-step scanning process ensures that each document is secure, legible, and accessible, even during the scanning process. Every detail is taken care of, and you can even track the location and scanning process.

Want to give us a try? Let us scan a sample of your records at no cost to you.

Document Retention: How And Where To Keep Them

How and Where to Keep Them--It can be hard to know when to get rid of certain records or files, so it might seem easier just to keep them around. Once the files start piling up, though, it can become more and more difficult to stay organized and on top of the paper load. Datamation can be fitted with any retention program, so whatever file is eligible to be destroyed is automatically purged--you don’t even have to think about it.