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Datamation on Demand: Hosted Cloud Document Management

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Datamation on Demand is the perfect solution if you’re looking for robust document management capabilities without an investment in new hardware and IT support. DoD is a fully managed document management solution that provides secure access to your files with redundancy and backups. This service allows you to minimize IT burden by outsourcing hardware, software, and maintenance costs. Unlike choosing an on-premises solution, Datamation on Demand means no capital expenditure.

Datamation provides secure Enterprise Content Management hosting for numerous customers in several industries. DoD is based on Digitech System’s industry leading PaperVision line of products. These include PaperVision Enterprise and PaperVision Capture.

The DoD solution also includes all infrastructure maintenance and installation/configuration of software updates.

Datamation on Demand: Enterprise Content Management

As with all cloud document management systems, Datamation on Demand allows you to access your documents from anywhere and on nearly any device. So whether your team works from home, works across multiple locations, or is always on the go, everyone will have access to the documents they need to get their jobs done.

Here are the other notable features:

Document and File Security

security lock remote work document managementDatamation on Demand has multiple layers of security, including transmission, system, data, and application security. Administrators can lock down private data in compliance with a wide variety of regulations, and automated document retention and destruction policies simplify records storage compliance. Additionally, encryption further protects data both during transmission and when stored.

Datamation is serious about the security of your data. Here are just some of security features of DoD:

  • Automatic session termination end sessions when idle
  • Audit trails track security controls, user activity, document history, and record retention policies
  • Access is limited to personnel who have the proper clearance
  • Strict password requirement guidelines, including complexity, expiration dates, and two-level authentication
  • All systems are monitored 24/7

Service Reliability

As a cloud service, Datamation on Demand improves your ability to protect corporate records from disaster. All data is securely backed up multiple times per day. In the event of a disaster, your business can continue operations as soon as you are ready.

System Integration

Datamation on Demand works seamlessly with Microsoft Office and comes with point and click integration and a set of custom APIs for tighter integration. DoD integrates with other LOB applications, including ERPs, HR systems, school management software, and fund administration software.

Datamation on Demand: Document and Data Capture

Once your data is stored in your document repository, you’ll also need a way to upload new content and data. That’s where captures come in. With DoD’s capture, you can automate your data capture process by scanning paper documents; importing electronic files and forms; and uploading images, faxes, PDFs, and Microsoft® Office files.

Best of all? You get unlimited scanning with no pay-per-click fees.

Here are some of the other features:

Data Capture and Processing Security

All communication between Datamation on Demand Capture and your scanning workstation occurs through a secure gateway. Like the content management component, licensing and user authentication limits data access to specific users and workstations. While all data is encrypted, an additional layer of 256-bit AES encryption can also be applied to images, index values, and OCR data to further prevent unauthorized access.

Additionally, only Datamation on Demand system administrators can alter security and job settings.

Ultimate Flexibility

Capturing, indexing, and processing functions can be distributed across multiple systems and geographic locations or run on a single desktop computer. This supports flexible and remote teams or companies with multiple locations. It also helps with disaster recovery efforts or emergency work-from-home situations.

Electronic Content Management Integration

Datamation on Demand Capture works seamlessly with Datamation on Demand ECM to ensure your captured data is quickly available to your end users. Entities, users, and groups can be shared with DoD ECM installation.

Who Should Use Datamation on Demand?

If you want world class content management and data capture without the added cost of hardware and support staff, then Datamation on Demand is a perfect solution for you.

We also recommend it to those who have invested in PaperVision Enterprise and PaperVision Capture and want to take the burden of hosting and maintenance off their IT department.

If this sounds like you, then contact us or give us a call at (630) 321-0601.

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