Illinois School District Records Retention White Paper

Worried About Document Retention Compliance for your School District? We Can Help!

Having worked with so many school districts, we know how important it is to understand the rules and regulations regarding document retention. That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive white paper that clearly outlines all of the situations that likely apply to your school district records.

Designed to be used as a handy reference, this white paper breaks all of your documents into nine main categories to ensure that you can quickly and easily find the information you need. Stop worrying about compliance issues and feel confident that you’ve got a proper plan in place to address the document management and retention challenges facing your district.

This white paper is specifically designed as a starting point for crafting your district's retention policy. The document is updated often with the latest information and retention rules directly from Illinois' Secretary of State office!

Did You Know?

Illinois school district records retention rules and regulations are a dizzying array of specific guidelines for specific documents. Your district may be well-versed in some of the more common and obvious document retention compliance issues (i.e. FERPA, FOIA, etc.), but it’s possible you may not know:

  • Teacher resignation records must be retained permanently
  • Any records pertaining to a lawsuit must be kept for 3 years following the settlement
  • Cancelled checks, bank statements, and deposit slips must be retained for 7 years
  • Monthly financial reports require 2 years of retention, but annual reports must be kept for 7 years
  • Student discipline on the school bus must be kept for 5 years after student has graduated or withdrawn

The list goes on and on. So many documents. So many regulations. So much confusion. How are you going to keep track of everything? Datamation can help.

We Have the Experience

Our team is made of up of document scanning and workflow automation experts who have spent years in the industry, helping clients tackle a wide variety of document management challenges. We’ve been doing this for a long time and we intend to keep on doing it!

We Have the Expertise

We are here for you at step of the process, including ongoing consultation and support. At Datamation, we’ve worked with over 50 school districts to help them create a streamlined solution for their diverse document management needs. We’ve seen countless unique challenges and addressed them with ease by implementing multi-faceted solutions that make a difference.

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