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Every 39 seconds, another business loses revenue, data, intellectual property, and reputation to cyber-attacks. 

Datamation's Managed Cybersecurity Services provides a powerful combination of people, process, and real-time proprietary technology to protect businesses in the Chicagoland area at all times.

Protect Your Data with threatSHIELD

threatSHIELD is a leading penetration test and cybersecurity as a service solution that gives your network proactive protection with no maintenance required on your end.

Most cybersecurity is reactive; they analyze traffic that’s already doing damage inside of your network. By the time endpoint protection, SIEM, SOC have been alerted, there’s nothing they can do other than to respond to that damage.

With threatSHIELD, and its leading product threatINTELLIGENCE, malicious traffic is removed before it even enters your network.

This solution runs inline, in real time, and has never been breached.


Datamation threatINTELLIGENCE Features

Proactive Security

Stop malicious traffic before it reaches your network.

Top Intelligence

Data is collected from around the globe to disrupt malware.

Fully Automated

Threats require no human intervention to be stopped.

Constant Updates

Updated with new intelligence every 30 minutes.

360 Threat Assessment

If you're serious about cyber security, and really want to diagnose weak points in your security stack, we offer the 360 Threat Assessment. This offering is comprised of three parts:

  • Penetration test
  • Live cyber attack simulation
  • threatINTELLIGENCE live forensics

This three-pronged approach is unique to the industry, specifically tailored to your network and environment, and provides actionable reporting of what steps to take to immediately plug gaps in your security defenses.

Best of all? These three assessment services cost the same as one penetration test from most leading firms!

360 threat assessment

Penetration Testing

Unlike most of the leading cybersecurity products, our penetration tests are not generalized and automated. Every single penetration test is distinctly unique to the network and environment.

Our security experts don't just simulate tactics and techniques of real-world attackers. We become the attackers, delving into your network to find and report the weaknesses in your security stack.

The penetration testing process:

  1. PLANNING: Gathering information, customer goals are engaged, and information is provided to the organization.
  2. RECONNAISSANCE: Identifying additional information that may have been overlooked, unknown or not provided.
  3. SCANNING: Perform scanning and enumeration to identify potential vulnerabilities, risk areas and exploits.
  4. ATTACK: After confirming the vulnerabilities through the exploitation phase and performing additional attempts to steal data, intercepting traffic, and escalating privileges to understand the damage a hacker can cause.
  5. REPORTING: Document all found vulnerabilities, exploits, failed attempts, company strengths and weaknesses.
penetration testing

threatINTELLIGENCE Security as a Service

Once our pentation test seeks out any potential weaknesses in your security stack, you can opt for continuous monitoring and defense. Instead of relying on the reactive reports from your cybersecurity solutions, you can actively dismantle cyberattacks before they hit your network.

threatINTELLIGENCE features:

  • In-line, real-time, proactive detection and prevention
  • Total network protection
  • New intelligence updates every 30 minutes
  • IOT, OT, network, and mobile devices included at no additional cost
  • Fully-managed—no need for additional personnel
threatintelligence monitoring

Virtual CISO (vCISO)

For many companies, it's currently required (or will soon be required) to have a CISO for your organization. But cybersecurity professionals are in short supply with extremely high salaries.

With a vCISO, you can get the experience you need at a fraction of the cost, in addition to:

  • Verified industry experience
  • Proven methodology
  • Access to a full team of experts (not just one)
  • Access to bleeding edge technology
  • Strategic security and business planning
  • No training or certification costs
  • No turnover or turmoil with attrition
  • Flexible investment - costs decrease over time
  • Lowered technology costs via informed decision making
  • Included Annual Risk Assessment
  • Ownership over assets, documentation, processes
virtual ciso
dna datamation cyber security

The DNA of threatSHIELD includes:

  1. Email and spam filter
  2. Integration with firewall
  3. Network detection and response device
  4. Advanced endpoint detection and response
  5. DNS intercept
  6. Abnormal behavior analysis
  7. URL filtering
  8. Employee monitoring
  9. Mobile device security
  10. Employee cybersecurity training and testing
  11. Public IP scanning
  12. Security information and threat management
  13. Ensuring a company culture where security is one of your main goals

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