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Best-Selling Epson® Document Scanners

epson ds530 document scanner

DS-530 Document Scanner

Street Price: $349.00

The DS-530 is one of the best-selling scanners in the world. Easily scan invoices, insurance forms, HR materials, or any paper that comes across your desk.

35 pages per minute

Scans paper documents and ID cards

3-year warranty

epson ds870 document scanner

DS-870 Document Scanner

Street Price: $799.00

The DS-870 is the ultimate desktop scanner with exceptional, reliable performance. It has the durability and speed of a workgroup scanner in the size of a desktop scanner.

65 pages per minute

Daily duty cycle of up to 7,000 sheets

3-year warranty

epson DS-32000 Large format Document Scanner

DS-32000 Large Format

Street Price: $3,499.00

The brand new DS-32000 is made for busy offices that need peak performance. It supports sheets up to 12" x 17" and scans folded pages, cards, passports, and more!

90 pages per minute

Daily duty cycle of up to 40,000 sheets

3-year warranty

woman looking at tablet digital transformation

Going through digital transformation? Here are some tips.

As more business processes and documents become electronic, you need equipment, software, and strategies that can help you cut out the paper.

Scan documents as they come in

Replace paper forms with electronic ones

Implement a document management system

Epson® Scanners Make a Great Digital Workplace Partner

With both PC and Mac compatibility, direct scanning to cloud storage, and easy integrations to the leading document management software, Epson scanners have been engineered with the digital workplace in mind.

Thousands of organizations have been able to manage, and eventually eliminate, paper documents with the help of their Epson desktop scanners.

One school district was able to digitize hundreds of thousands of documents.

epson ds-530 scanner in use in office

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