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Manufacturers We Service

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With a network of more than 1,100 technicians, Datamation supports document scanner, data center, micrographics, and related imaging equipment from over 100 manufacturers.

Document Scanners and Other Capture Equipment

  • Böwe Bell + Howell: entire portfolio supported
  • Canon: entire portfolio supported
  • Contex: entire portfolio supported
  • Fujitsu: entire portfolio supported except ScanSnap models
  • IBML: entire portfolio supported
  • Kodak: entire portfolio supported
  • Panasonic: entire portfolio supported
  • Panini: S1 Series
  • Ricoh: entire portfolio supported
  • SunRise: entire portfolio supported
  • Vidar: entire portfolio supported
  • Zeutschel: entire portfolio supported

Data Center Storage/Server Equipment

  • ADIC: entire portfolio supported
  • Brocade: SilkWorm
  • Dell: PowerVault Storage, PowerEdge
  • EMC: Celerra, Clariion, Connectrix, Symmetrix
  • FalconStor: NSS HC Series
  • Hitachi Data Systems: Freedom, Lightning, Thunder, TagmaStore
  • HP/Compaq/DEC: APX Series, StorageWorks, 9000, Blade, Net, Integrity, 3000, ProLiant, and servers
  • IBM: TotalStorage, Express, Blade, Cluster, Power, pSeries, iSeries, xSeries
  • Microtech Systems: entire portfolio supported
  • NetApp: Data Access Server, F7X0 Series Filers, F8XX Series Filers, FAS200 Series, FAS3000 Series, FAS6000 Series, FAS900 Series Filers, NetCache Network Appliance, NetStore
  • Nexsan: entire portfolio supported
  • Overland: LibraryXpress Series, LXM Series, MiniLibrary Series, NEO Series, PowerLoader, REO Series, RLS Series Tape Libraries, TLS Series Tape Libraries
  • Plasmon: entire portfolio supported, except V-Series
  • Promise: Vtrak Systems
  • Qualstar: TLS and RLS Series Automated Tape Libraries
  • Quantum/ATL/ADIC: ACL Series, AML Series, FastStor Series, M Series Library, P Series Library, PX Series, Scalar Tape Libraries
  • SGI: Half-depth servers
  • Spectra Logic: entire portfolio supported
  • STK/SUN: BladeStore, Cisco MDS 9500 Series Supervisor, Cisco MDS Fabric Switch, PowderHorn Library, StorageTek Tape Drives and Libraries, StorageTek Timberline, StorageTek WolfCreek Tape Library, Sun StorEdge, Sun Fire, Enterprise, E10K, Ultra
  • Texas Memory Systems: entire portfolio supported

Micrographics Equipment

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  • AGFA: Scangate, 800 Microfiche Reader Printer
  • Allen: F6, F10, F20, M20, M30, M70 Processor, M70R Refrigeration System, APG Processor, Replenishment System, Sump Pump
  • Androcles: 500C, 500CD, 1000C, 2000C Replenishment System
  • Bell + Howell: entire portfolio of microfilm capture, microfilm retrieval, 2400D & 3000D, ABR 300, 350 Processor, Filemaster I, II, III Processor, ABR Processor, ABR 510/511T Printer/Processor, ABR 505, ABR 506, Diazo Processor, 404/504 & 405 Diazo Printer, ABR 520T Printer Processor, Universal Film Scanner
  • Canon: entire portfolio of microfilm capture, microfilm retrieval (except NP 880 model), MS100, MS400, MS500, MS800, Auto Processor 165
  • Consolidated Micrographics: Gemini GEM PD Duplicating Set, Gemini 2-up n/a Developer Unit, Gemini GEM SD Developer
  • Cordell: Replenishment System, 240, 3500E, 3500EP Processor, MAP 3000 Processor
  • Indus: Super Carrell, Super Carrell Motorized
  • Infographix: ScanPro, Digital Film Scan, Infographix Reader/Printer, Microprint 350 Reader/Printer, PMS 4000
  • Kodak: entire portfolio of microfilm capture, microfilm scanners, microfilm retrieval (except Reliant Intelligent Microfilmer 1000), Prostar I, II & Archive Processor, Mini Microfilm Processor
  • Mekel: 625GS, MACH III, MACH IV, MACH VI, MACH VII and Model 665
  • Minolta: entire portfolio of microfilm capture, microfilm retrieval (except 500 Series), 105, MicroSP2000, SP3000, MS2000, MS3000, MS6000, MX6000II, MS7000, MS7000II
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Related Imaging Equipment

  • Bri-Lin: 3K, 5K, 7K, 7K Plus, 11K, 20K, AIS, LMQ
  • Kodak: Document Archive Writer Model 4800, i9610 Writer, i9620 Writer, Intelligent Microimage Scanner, i7300 Scanner, IMS+ Node Module Software, Image Server Software, Enhanced Printer Module Software, Ivory System, +6000 Server Software for Image Archive, Application Capture Software, Kofax, all Adrenaline & Image Processing Products