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Manufacturers We Service

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With a network of more than 1,100 technicians, Datamation supports document scanner, data center, micrographics, and related imaging equipment from over 100 manufacturers.

We realize that there are many brands and models of document scanners and imaging equipment. So if you need maintenance or want to purchase or extend a service contract, give us a call at (630) 321-0601 or contact us so we can give you the best recommendations.

Document Scanners and Other Capture Equipment

  • Böwe Bell + Howell: entire portfolio supported
  • Canon: entire portfolio supported
  • Contex: entire portfolio supported
  • Fujitsu: entire portfolio supported except ScanSnap models
  • IBML: entire portfolio supported
  • Kodak: entire portfolio supported
  • Panasonic: entire portfolio supported
  • Panini: S1 Series
  • Ricoh: entire portfolio supported
  • SunRise: entire portfolio supported
  • Vidar: entire portfolio supported
  • Zeutschel: entire portfolio supported

Data Center Storage/Server Equipment

  • ADIC: entire portfolio supported
  • Brocade: SilkWorm
  • Dell: PowerVault Storage, PowerEdge
  • EMC: Celerra, Clariion, Connectrix, Symmetrix
  • FalconStor: NSS HC Series
  • Hitachi Data Systems: Freedom, Lightning, Thunder, TagmaStore
  • HP/Compaq/DEC: APX Series, StorageWorks, 9000, Blade, Net, Integrity, 3000, ProLiant, and servers
  • IBM: TotalStorage, Express, Blade, Cluster, Power, pSeries, iSeries, xSeries
  • Microtech Systems: entire portfolio supported
  • NetApp: Data Access Server, F7X0 Series Filers, F8XX Series Filers, FAS200 Series, FAS3000 Series, FAS6000 Series, FAS900 Series Filers, NetCache Network Appliance, NetStore
  • Nexsan: entire portfolio supported
  • Overland: LibraryXpress Series, LXM Series, MiniLibrary Series, NEO Series, PowerLoader, REO Series, RLS Series Tape Libraries, TLS Series Tape Libraries
  • Plasmon: entire portfolio supported, except V-Series
  • Promise: Vtrak Systems
  • Qualstar: TLS and RLS Series Automated Tape Libraries
  • Quantum/ATL/ADIC: ACL Series, AML Series, FastStor Series, M Series Library, P Series Library, PX Series, Scalar Tape Libraries
  • SGI: Half-depth servers
  • Spectra Logic: entire portfolio supported
  • STK/SUN: BladeStore, Cisco MDS 9500 Series Supervisor, Cisco MDS Fabric Switch, PowderHorn Library, StorageTek Tape Drives and Libraries, StorageTek Timberline, StorageTek WolfCreek Tape Library, Sun StorEdge, Sun Fire, Enterprise, E10K, Ultra
  • Texas Memory Systems: entire portfolio supported

Micrographics Equipment

  • Dashboard view of the AP process with complete visibility
  • AGFA: Scangate, 800 Microfiche Reader Printer
  • Allen: F6, F10, F20, M20, M30, M70 Processor, M70R Refrigeration System, APG Processor, Replenishment System, Sump Pump
  • Androcles: 500C, 500CD, 1000C, 2000C Replenishment System
  • Bell + Howell: entire portfolio of microfilm capture, microfilm retrieval, 2400D & 3000D, ABR 300, 350 Processor, Filemaster I, II, III Processor, ABR Processor, ABR 510/511T Printer/Processor, ABR 505, ABR 506, Diazo Processor, 404/504 & 405 Diazo Printer, ABR 520T Printer Processor, Universal Film Scanner
  • Canon: entire portfolio of microfilm capture, microfilm retrieval (except NP 880 model), MS100, MS400, MS500, MS800, Auto Processor 165
  • Consolidated Micrographics: Gemini GEM PD Duplicating Set, Gemini 2-up n/a Developer Unit, Gemini GEM SD Developer
  • Cordell: Replenishment System, 240, 3500E, 3500EP Processor, MAP 3000 Processor
  • Indus: Super Carrell, Super Carrell Motorized
  • Infographix: ScanPro, Digital Film Scan, Infographix Reader/Printer, Microprint 350 Reader/Printer, PMS 4000
  • Kodak: entire portfolio of microfilm capture, microfilm scanners, microfilm retrieval (except Reliant Intelligent Microfilmer 1000), Prostar I, II & Archive Processor, Mini Microfilm Processor
  • Mekel: 625GS, MACH III, MACH IV, MACH VI, MACH VII and Model 665
  • Minolta: entire portfolio of microfilm capture, microfilm retrieval (except 500 Series), 105, MicroSP2000, SP3000, MS2000, MS3000, MS6000, MX6000II, MS7000, MS7000II
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Related Imaging Equipment

  • Bri-Lin: 3K, 5K, 7K, 7K Plus, 11K, 20K, AIS, LMQ
  • Kodak: Document Archive Writer Model 4800, i9610 Writer, i9620 Writer, Intelligent Microimage Scanner, i7300 Scanner, IMS+ Node Module Software, Image Server Software, Enhanced Printer Module Software, Ivory System, +6000 Server Software for Image Archive, Application Capture Software, Kofax, all Adrenaline & Image Processing Products