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document shred service

Document Shredding Services

Datamation provides secure document destruction and shredding services. Destroying documents when they no longer need to be retained supports compliance, security, and privacy and frees up valuable and costly business space.  Document pick-up is performed by trained Datamation personnel. Call Datamation at (630) 321-0601 or contact us for options to archive and destroy documents.

Benefits of Document Shredding

Destroying paper documents after they've been scanned, saved, and backed up securely is just good business. It saves space, enhances privacy, and is environmentally friendly. It can also have huge benefits when it comes to security. Many criminals will go to great lengths to obtain your and your clients’ information, sometimes searching through dumpsters to find unshredded financial documentation. A shocking 43% of security breaches occur in this way! Datamation can shred all of your unused documents, and dispose of them safely and securely.

Unsurprisingly, when your clients know that you have their security in mind, they will trust you with their information, a vital part of doing business. Moreover, you’ll provide them with peace of mind that their sensitive information is safe, even if some documents are no longer in use. At the same time, disposing of these documents also fulfills legal retention requirements.

Recycling shredded paper is also environmentally friendly. Rather than shredding paper and throwing it away to be placed in a landfill, Datamation recycles shredded documents.

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Data Archiving and Report Automation

Having the right information is critical to making informed business decisions, but creating—or recreating—custom reports is time-consuming and often a very complex process. Our highly skilled database consultants can automate your reporting needs, putting vital information at your fingertips, in many cases, using the software you already have. Now you can kick that COLD, once and for all.

Datamation can handle every aspect of data archiving and custom report automation including raw data conversion, data processing, tabulation, formatting, scheduling, and distribution. From Microsoft Excel and Access reports to ECM systems, Datamation has the cross-industry experience to provide reliable, lasting automated reporting solutions, saving you time and providing valuable business insights that can save you money.