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Digitech PaperFlow Direct

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The way you capture the information on a document is just as important as digitizing it. You can have a content management system full of files, but without the correct metadata or text-searchable capabilities, you may still have issues with finding the information you need. That’s where a solution like Digitech’s PaperFlow Direct comes in.

PaperFlow Direct is an affordable capture solution for your desktop scanner with all the high-end features of a production-level scanning operation. PaperFlow Direct allows you to digitize and index an unlimited number of documents and batch files, along with a variety of indexing options.

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Benefits of PaperFlow Direct

Streamline Your Scanning and Image Processing

  • Simplify your job setup with the easy-to-use Job Setup Wizard.
  • Create text-searchable PDFs with optical character recognition (OCR).
  • Insert document breaks into a batch based on page count, barcodes, OCR, or blank pages.
  • Manage complex and/or mixed-mode documents within a batch with zonal, page, or page-range filters.
  • Keep processes uninterrupted by scheduling batch operations to run during off-peak hours.
  • Make your information work smarter with seamless integration with PaperVision Enterprise.

Optimize Your Indexing

  • Eliminate manual data entry with Barcode (1D and 2D) and OpenText Full-Text or Zonal Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • Populate index fields with data from existing databases or files with Match and Merge.
  • Grab the exact data you need from documents with Quick Click indexing.

Ensure Your Information's Security

  • Protect uploaded information with advanced privacy and security settings inherited from PaperVision Enterprise.
  • Enable audit tracking to show who accessed documents and when.

We recommend this product for anyone currently using the PaperVision Enterprise software and wants to streamline their information capture. Additional integrations to other lines of business software and databases are available.

Interested in learning more about Digitech PaperFlow Direct or scheduling a demo? Contact us today!

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