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digitech systems datamation reseller document managementDigitech System’s PaperVision Forms Magic Technology reduces or eliminates the need to hand key documents.

Using unique technologies, Forms Magic identifies and classifies every form or document and extracts all the data you need. The Forms Magic technology (FM technology) automatically classifies documents into types and extracts critical data to speed business processes and help you make better decisions.

The PaperVision Forms Magic Technology for PaperVision® Capture is the only forms processing technology to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to dramatically improve classification accuracy and extraction results.

The Benefit of Artificial Intelligence

Forms Magic Technology contains the only AI engine available in the document management industry. The software uses algorithms that learn from large data sets without relying on traditional rules-based programming, a category of AI known as machine learning.

What’s the benefit? Rather than lengthy setup processes that involve programmers manually importing documents into a forms processing application and telling the system what each document is–or worse, sorting documents by hand and typing identifying index terms manually–FM technology learns by ingesting documents and develops its own patterns for classification. It is faster and easier to set up. In addition, by relying on many more data points than other applications, it offers dramatically more accurate results.

Extraordinary Recognition and Classification

Forget classification failures, rescanning, and manual error correction. For years, forms processing users have settled for the mediocre recognition and classification results produced by systems that rely only on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to identify documents. Step up to the next level with Forms Magic! Much like the human eye-brain connection, FM technology uses multiple data points to make classification decisions, including spatial layout and algorithmic analytics, ensuring accuracy rates above 90%!