WestFax vs RightFax

Which is the best HIPAA-compliant faxing solution for you?

Both WestFax and RightFax eliminate paper faxing, reduce printing-related costs, and make employees more productive. However, the maintenance costs and support renewal fees for RightFax really start to add up. Just look at some of these hidden costs.

WestFax Pricing Includes:

Charges by number of pages faxed with an unlimited amount of users.

Everything is cloud-based, meaning no internal servers or maintenance.

Minimal training required to get up and running. WestFax customer service lines are answered by employees who are ready to help.

WestFax API integrates easily with other systems and there is a dedicated developer support team.

WestFax bills month to month without extended contracts.

RightFax Hidden Costs:

Every module, functionality, and component of RightFax requires a license to use.

High costs to maintain servers, along with the cost of electricity and staff to keep those servers running.

RightFax requires internal staff training and management. Potential extra fees for using RightFax tech support.

Integrating every RightFax component into one cohesive program requires expensive developer time.

RightFax requires long term contracts that are complicated, if not impossible, to cancel.

With cloud-based WestFax by Datamation, you can get secure, HIPAA-compliant faxing for a fraction of the price of RightFax.

Benefits of HIPAA-Compliant WestFax

100% Cloud Fax

No expensive hardware or rack space. No expensive licensing.


TLS 1.2 for transport and AES 256 encryption.


Integrate cloud fax using WestFax API and your platform.

Secure Fax API

RESTful interface allows rapid implementation.

The WestFax Difference

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No Expensive Licensing or Long Term Commitments

Charged by page volume and number of fax lines.

Unlimited number of users at no extra cost.

Billed month to month with no extended contracts.

100% Cloud Based Fax Platform

No servers or rack space needed.

Send a fax from anywhere with any device.

All operations take place in the cloud.

WestFax operates the country's largest and most robust all TDM-based telephony platform. 

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Security and HIPAA: Never Compromised

HIPPA compliant right out of the box.

WestFax uses highest level of TLS encryption available.

At rest AES 256 bit encryption of ePHI data guarantees privacy.

Technology by Developers for Developers

WestFax API integrates easily with leading EMR/EHR platforms and other systems.

Dedicated developer support team.

With API, drivers, and mobile apps, you can plan the best cloud faxing solution for your organization.

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Best in Class Customer Support

Extensive resource library available on the WestFax website.

Real people answer the phones, ready to help.

5 star reviews on G2.

Simplify Fax Management with WestFax

Get superior faxing quality for less than the cost of RightFax support renewal. Request a demo today.

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