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Laserfiche from Datamation is an industry-leading document management solution and a perfect software partner if your ultimate goal is achieving a digital workplace.

Laserfiche is a flexible product that can be deployed as an on-premises or cloud-based system. The software offers multiple features, including process and workflow automation, along with electronic forms (e-forms).

Benefits of Using Laserfiche

Collaboration & Efficiency

  • Centralized repository and check-in/check-out features allow for easy collaboration
  • Enhance customer service by instantaneously accessing files
  • Seriously reduce time on processes with workflow and e-forms
  • Generate searchable text for scanned and electronic documents with optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Integrates with Salesforce, Redtail, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRMs
  • Office 365 integration allows users to edit Microsoft documents and files right from the repository (available right now for on-premises solutions and coming in Q4 2019 for cloud solutions)

Easy to Use

  • Stream media files without having to download them first
  • Add documents via scanning, dragging and dropping from your desktop, or downloading from cloud-based services like OneDrive or Google Drive
  • Pair with Laserfiche Quick Fields to upload a large volume of documents quickly and accurately
  • Access your documents from your desktop, a web browser, or even the Laserfiche mobile app
  • Various products to build your ultimate solution

Enhanced Document Security

  • Ensure compliance from the moment records are created
  • Track your content with audit trails
  • Grant permissions to repositories, folders, or individual documents at the group or user level
  • Easily manage the retention schedules of documents

The on-premises version can be fully customized to your organization. We can help you pick and choose exactly what you need and assist in getting it uploaded and running on your company servers.

The cloud version (software-as-a-service) has process and workflow automation, along with e-forms, already built-in and requires very minimal IT resources to get started.

Both versions allow for easy scalability, making it able to easily grow with your organization and its needs.

We won't just send you a download link. Datamation's highly-trained staff can assist with setting up systems, training, building workflows, and so much more. We want to make sure that your transition to Laserfiche is successful from start to finish.

Interested in learning more about how Laserfiche can help your business or organization? Call (630) 321-0601 or contact us!