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Everything You Need to Know About Document Management

Are you still doing the majority of your organizational tasks on paper? Do you loathe a request because you know that you’re going to need to walk down to the storage room and rummage around paper files for an hour? Then it sounds like it’s time for a document management solution. Every day business moves…

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Should You Outsource Document Scanning or Do It In-House?

So you’ve decided that you want to make your business or organization paperless, or at least want to scan a ton of backfile documents. There are so many great reasons to take your documents digital and the time you’ll get back from automating processes is more than worth the upfront conversion cost. But now the…

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Datamation Document Scanning Process: A Complete Overview

Have you thought about scanning and storing your business documents digitally, but you’re not sure exactly how it works? At Datamation, we believe that an educated customer is an empowered customer. That’s why we have a clear, easy-to-understand document scanning process. Take a look at the video below to get a feel for our process….

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Digitizing Your Microfilm, Microfiche, and Aperture Cards

Microfilm, microfiche, COM fiche, and aperture cards are distinctly different ways to store media, but they do have one thing in common: they’re not easy to use when you want to find information quickly. But information can be easier to access when you digitize your microfilm and microfiche. Let’s cover the different forms of media…

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Why Manual Data Entry Causes Problems (and What You Can Do!)

No matter the situation, no matter the employee, no matter the time, any situation that involves manual data entry is going to be subject to error. And it’s not necessarily someone’s fault—there are lots of things that can happen to make your data entry just a little less than perfect. Here are some of the…

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The Datamation Process of Digitizing Microfilm

If you have a bunch of microfilm in storage, thinking about digitizing every single roll can be intimidating: the effort, the time, the cost—is it worth it? The first piece of good news is that the benefits far outweigh any kind of investment. And the second piece of good news is that you don’t have…

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Benefits of Digitizing Your Microfilm and Microfiche

When’s the last time that you used a microfilm reader? Unless you’re a librarian, archivist, or historical researcher…it was probably a really long time ago, if ever. While microfilm and microfiche were great ways to store information, they’re a bit outdated now. After all, you’re reading this blog post after a quick internet search –…

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Get a No Risk, Free Sample Scan of Your Records from Datamation

When it comes to your organization’s information, we understand that you want to make the right choice for digitizing your records. Not only do you want to make sure that the company you’re working with knows what they’re doing, but you also want to make sure that after the scanning process, your data is easy…

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Start off 2019 with a Free Epson Scanner!

*Please note that this free Epson scanner offer has ended. But please feel free to browse Epson scanners on our website. No, you didn’t read that wrong. Businesses can request a free Epson scanner, and subject to limitations on eligibility*, you’ll either receive a free scanner or you’ll be invited to participate in a 30-day…

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Cloud Document Management and Storage FAQ

Datamation’s cloud based document storage system, ImageSilo, is a great way to store your documents digitally. And while the number of companies choosing cloud storage increases every day, its important to weigh your options between on-premise document storage and cloud storage. We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about cloud storage below, and…

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