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Laserfiche Quick Fields

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Laserfiche® Quick Fields software from Datamation is the perfect software partner to complement your main Laserfiche document management software. Quick Fields takes document capture to the next level by automating document import, classification, and indexing.

With Laserfiche Quick Fields, you build the scanning sessions that will automatically sort and categorize your incoming documents. With a little bit of setup, you can scan or import a ton of documents and Quick Fields will classify your documents, fill out meta data with information from the document or via barcode, and file everything away into the correct folder in your Laserfiche repository.

The software companion is ideal for companies and organizations who need to upload a high volume of documents into their Laserfiche repositories on a daily or weekly basis. These documents can come from on-site scanners, network drives, or current Laserfiche repositories.

Benefits of Laserfiche Quick Fields

Save Time and Streamline Processes

  • Import a large volume of documents from a variety of sources
  • Let scanner operators focus on scanning without concern of classifying documents
  • Use data within the documents to start or add to workflow and/or business processes
  • Use Bates Numbering to automatically apply identifying numbers (e.g. legal or medical forms)
  • Free up employee time when you use Quick Fields Agent to schedule automated processing sessions at any time of day

Classify and Sort Documents

  • Classify documents with barcodes, fields, and form identification
  • Automatically split documents by identifying new documents from page size, text on the page, or the presence of a coversheet
  • Use content within documents to identify and classify them
  • Use data within documents to index and assign metadata

Easy to Use Operation and Security

  • Desktop application has an easy-to-use, simple design
  • Redact important information by automatically applying annotations to specific regions of your imported documents
  • Save document classes to reuse in different scanning sessions
  • Define user roles and manage session access rights through the Quick Fields Administration Console

Want to learn more about how Laserfiche Quick Fields can enhance your Laserfiche Document Management software and save you time? Contact us or give us a call at (630) 321-0601!