Automate Workflow to Transform Student Records Management

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Everyone knows parents stress out when their little ones first go off to school. But behind those adorable bus stop photos is a mountain of work for school employees and parents to get a child registered.

Parents have to deliver a pile of paperwork to the district and employees must process all that paperwork before the adorable little tyke can toddle off to kindergarten, starting their journey through adolescence.

There isnt a school district anywhere that doesnt operate under financial constraints and its the administrations job to give employees every tool they can to facilitate a smooth registration process that serves as the districts first impression for a parent.

Thats where workflow automation comes in, and where we, at Datamation, can help.

The steps necessary before a child can start school are basically the same, which means a standardized checklist is a useful tool to make sure employees and parents both understand everything that needs to happen.

An automated workflow system can make sure every step of the process is followed properly.

Has the parent supplied their childs birth, health and immunization records?

Have they offered proof of residency in the district?

Who is the emergency contact? Is there a working phone number, email and proper address for that person on file?

Once all the paperwork has been handed over, its the districts job to create the ever-important permanent file that will follow a student until he or she leaves the district.

That process can be complicated when the child is a transfer student from another district.

A second checklist can be created to follow a students initial registration.

Has the previous school district provided you with educational records? If its an out-of-state transfer, do those educational credits meet your districts standards? Are there any special needs or disciplinary issues that building-level administrators will need to be made aware of?

All of these myriad tasks must be repeated for every new child who enrolls in a school district.

Creating an automated workflow and standardized checklist for employees to follow will ensure mistakes arent made and the process moves as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Even still, mistakes happen. Documents get missed. But when a childs wellbeing is at stake, they need to be minimized and corrected as quickly as possible.

A student records automated workflow can also generate notifications if a recognized step in the checklist is skipped or incomplete. That will allow district employees to immediately identify when a problem arises with a new enrollment occurs and contact the appropriate people to get the problem fixed.

An automated workflow streamlines what can be a long and complicated process. Given the number of times it is replicated each school year, the amount of time your employees save will allow administrators to better allocate workers and make the most out of limited human resources.

School districts need to focus as many dollars and man-hours as possible on improving classroom time. The more efficient your clerical operations are, the more time and dollars are freed up to do just that.

Workflow automation solutions create that kind of efficient atmosphere.

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