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The Datamation Guide to Managing School District Records

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Why Should You Scan and Store Your School District Records?

From student records to School Board Meeting minutes, maintaining these important records is vital. Storing them in paper form leaves them vulnerable to natural disaster and misplacement. Scanning with Datamation makes accessing, storing, and sending school records secure and painless.

We know what your district means to you, and we want to help.

No matter what your role is within your district, creating a workflow is the best decision you can make for optimal efficiency, organization, and productivity.

Enjoy safe, secure access to your Student Records

Current students, parents, and staff often need to get ahold of their records or their children's records. Datamation can make that process painless, while still remaining FERPA and FOIA compliant.

Record Access

If a student or personnel record needed to be accessed quickly, would you be able to find it? With Datamation document scanning, you can find any document with just a few clicks.

Student Services

Student transfers from district to district, or even within districts can be difficult when different records need to be compiled and sent by mail. Sending records digitally is quicker and much more secure.

Learn how one Illinois School District moved their records to the cloud.

Ensure More Efficient Document Storage and Processing

Once documents have been scanned, they can be entered into any kind of unified workflow or management system, allowing your district to maintain compliance and process invoices effortlessly in a timely manner.

Retention and Compliance Policies

Maintaining compliance is vital not only for organization's sake, but for legal reasons as well. Stay prepared for any legal situation with Datamation.

Saving Money on Storage and Processing

Datamation will revolutionize how you do business by streamlining all of your processes and making your business more efficient than ever.

click to download the ultimate guide to student records workflow automation

Workflow Automation and Student Records

A Powerful Combination

Student Record Security and Privacy is of Paramount Importance

Government policies like SOPPA and FERPA are in place to help protect private student information. Scanning student records with Datamation means that all records are FERPA compliant and always protected from physical harm. Our document management solutions comply with SOPPA regulations and can assist in archiving district data.

Keeping Records Safe and Secure

The privacy of your student and staff records is of the utmost importance. Keeping them safe from natural disaster and from falling into the wrong hands is easy with Datamation.