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The Datamation Guide to Office Relocation

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Moving offices can be stressful and expensive. That's why we've created this guide and eBook to give you a place to start.

In the pages of this guide are tips and things to think about for all parts of your move.

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Everything You Need To Know About Moving Offices

Make a plan to make your office relocation as successful as possible. It's easy with Datamation.

What are you doing with your documents before, during, and after your move?

Paper records might be the last thing on your mind when you're moving offices, but it's possible that you may need access to that information while you're moving.

Creating an office move document management plan

Questions to ask yourself about your office relocation document management plan.

Are you worried about the expense of moving?

We know that moving can be difficult and costly, but we're here to help. Many of the pains of moving can be knocked out well before your move-in date. Scanning your documents before you move is the best way to save big money.

Save money on rent and storage

When you scan your documents, there's no longer any need to rent out that extra room to store boxes of documents. We even offer a service where we'll take and store all of your documents, then scan them gradually over time.

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The Essential Office Relocation Checklist

Stay organized when you move offices with this comprehensive checklist.

Do you want to be more efficient in your new office?

Moving offices may seem like a daunting task, but really, it presents an opportunity for you to revolutionize your processes. When you scan your documents, they can be placed into a comprehensive workflow that boosts your productivity like you wouldn't believe.

We Help You Work Smarter

Scan your documents into a workflow and watch your business flourish.

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Document Scanning Quote Calculator

Wondering how much it will cost to get all of your paper files, microfilm, and other documents scanned and digitized? Get your custom quote in 30 seconds!