Create the Perfect Solution with Human Resources Workflow

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This post is part of The Datamation Guide to Human Resources Records.

If your company is currently working with paper documents and records, what does your workflow look like? Do you have one? With the increasing amount of paperwork needed to maintain compliance and industry standards, managing all of this paper is getting more and more difficult for HR departments everywhere. Datamation has provided businesses everywhere with the perfect workflow solution by capturing the data on all documents and records and placing it directly into an efficient, airtight workflow.

Automated HR Workflows can automate several processes that would normally take a huge amount of time and effort, including:

● Onboarding

● Performance reviews

● Payroll

● Applicant hiring and screening

● Employee training

● Travel and leave requests

These are just a few of the regular HR processes that can be integrated into a workflow. Using the data captured from paper documents or E-forms, all of the information that would normally have to be manually processed from a paper record can be sent to the right department at the right time, seamlessly.

One of the most important factors in HR processes is that any procedures that are carried out must be uniform. In a disciplinary situation, for example, in order to prevent any kind of dispute over how it was handled, it is vital that each employee involved is treated in the exact same way. If everything is handled in the same way, there is no room for dispute or even litigation. Having a consistent workflow ensures that everything is uniformly carried out.

Disciplinary actions are just one of the many processes that require consistency. The more uniform each and every task is, the better your company’s overall organization. Both document scanning and the use of E-forms can make this a reality for your company, and Datamation can easily provide you with a solution that fits your needs exactly—no need to spend money on things that don’t apply to your specific business.

Datamation provides a wide range of software that uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to capture the data needed to effectively perform within the workflow. Call Datamation today to discuss a plan that works for you.