Digitizing School Records for Better Communication

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This post is part of The Datamation Guide to Managing School District Records.

While there are numerous benefits to digitizing student records, one of the biggest benefits is that communication between schools within a district, and even between different districts, is vastly improved. Datamation offers a time-tested and secure solution to the growing number of student records as students enroll into and transfer from your schools.

Datamation can take every single record from the schools in your district and digitize it. Depending on your preference, they’ll either pick them up and bring them to their secure scanning facilities, or scan them on site. Because our barcode system allows you to track the progress of the scanning process, you’ll always be kept in the loop. You can even access the documents digitally during the scanning process, if needed.

The real benefits begin when the scanning is finished.

Rather than having to dig through piles of paper to find that one specific record, any record can be found within seconds with a simple keyword search. This is ideal for medical emergencies, or any other instance in which a students records would been to be accessed quickly.

Digitizing student records also protects them from physical harm, like fires or floods, and from being seen by unauthorized personnel. Under FERPA, or the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, student records must be kept private and secure with few exceptions. Datamation offers FERPA-compliant storage programs that keep student records safe, and also ensures that your district is compliant.

If your district is finding that its difficult to manage and send requested transcripts or other records, Datamation offers Scriborder, a program that allows your district to manage all record requests (transcripts, transfer requests, etc.) from one portal on your schools website.

Scriborder allows your school to send out records to students requesting any document that they need for college or employment reasons. Students or alumni may request their records directly on the school website, which can be processed and sent out electronically.

Once the record is sent out, the requester is immediately notified. If there is an issue or the record is intercepted as it is mailed, the students data is immediately captured before it can be seen.

Because Scriborder works out of your schools current website, it doesn’t take much to train staff how to use it. Scriborder even sends out their own employees to train your staff, making the transition painless.

While digitization and Scriborder with Datamation generally make communication within a school or district more efficient and smoother, being able to quickly access and send records has the potential to make any kind of student transfers easier.

With paper record keeping, finding those student records can take an unnecessary amount of time that could be spent bettering your district. When records are immediately accessible and can be sent electronically, it also makes sending them from one school to another much more efficient. What took days before the records were scanned now only takes seconds, simplifying student and record transfers. Scanning your student records with Datamation not only improves communication within your own district, but also allows for effective exchanges between neighboring districts.