The Datamation Process of Digitizing Microfilm

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If you have a bunch of microfilm in storage, thinking about digitizing every single roll can be intimidating: the effort, the time, the cost—is it worth it? The first piece of good news is that the benefits far outweigh any kind of investment. And the second piece of good news is that you don’t have to tackle it alone.

Datamation has over twenty years of experience in microfilm and microfiche conversion and we’ve got the process down to a fine science of just four steps. Our experienced and specialized team can take those rolls of microfilm and efficiently turn them into accessible, searchable information.

microfiche conversion process

Here are the four easy steps of microfilm digitization, broken down one by one:

Step 1: Collection

Datamation comes to your business or organization and collects all of your microfilm jackets and rolls in a Datamation vehicle. No third party will ever have access to your information. Your microfilm is brought to our secure facility to begin processing.

Step 2: Scanning and Indexing

The microfilm is scanned with our top-of-the-line equipment and we use optical character recognition (OCR) technology to extract the data from your microfilm. We then index the information to make it searchable for you.

Step 3: Conversion

Once the data has been indexed, the information is then converted into PDF, TIFF, or any other file format your business or organization prefers.

Step 4: Upload

We then upload these files in any necessary format, making them immediately accessible at any time. Datamation can provide your information via flash drives, file transfers, or even get you set up on a cloud system. It’s all up to what works best for your organization!

The process of digitization is nothing to be daunted by—Datamation can do all the heavy lifting for you, quickly and efficiently. We do all the work and you reap the benefits.

Not sure where to start? Call Datamation at (630) 321-0601 today for a free consultation.

This post is part of the Datamation Guide to Digitizing Your Microfilm.