HR Automated Workflow: Transform the Way You Get Things Done

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Working in human resource management is often a thankless position. Youre the resolver of disputes. Youre the nagger-in-chief. You push more paper across your desk than anyone else in the company.

When a manager calls you with an urgent personnel problem, you have to act quickly and ensure all the proper procedures are followed and documented.

We at Datamation understand those needs and can help you implement automated workflow solutions that provide all the tools you need, precisely when you need them the most.

No good manager enjoys disciplining an employee. As the HR manager, youre keenly aware its your job to make sure your company has offered all reasonable support to help that employee improve their performance. Worse yet is when someone needs to be let go. At that point, your job is to make sure your company has followed internal rules and external laws so that you are not exposed to liability once the decision has been made.

That process often requires a series of meetings, each of which need to be documented in a precise way in the event an eventual dismissal is required.

If things get hairy, you may need to demonstrate the employee was treated fairly and in accordance with company policy. That means being able to show, with documentation, that the proper disciplinary steps were followed.

Datamation can provide your HR department with workflow automation software that creates a universal eform for disciplinary action that will require managers to report problems, describe interactions, provide supplementary documentation, detail corrective measures and allow the employee to respond in their own words. These electronic forms help convert what can often be an informal hodgepodge of emails and in-person conversations into a comprehensive record of events that led to the need for managerial intervention in the first place.

Just the fact alone that every employees disciplinary matters are handled in a uniform way can prevent legal problems down the road.

The implementation of uniform documentation can often serve to de-escalate an otherwise contentious situation by avoiding he-said/she-said situations. The employee in question is presented with a fair assessment of the problem and can be assured their response to the issue has been received and will remain on file for the duration of their employment.

Furthermore, your automated workflow system can create an unimpeachable record of employee interactions that shows each step in a disciplinary process. If a manager implements some form of corrective measure that requires tracking over a period of weeks or months, an automated workflow system will make that easier. Measurable metrics — anything from sales numbers to hours worked — can be logged and recorded to document the employees performance.

As the HR manager, your job is not to play judge over whos right and whos wrong. It is to ensure both management and employee are treated fairly and have communicated clearly about what created the problem, how it can be resolved or avoided in the future and what consequences exist for an employees failure to do so.

Workflow automation solutions can help bring some order to a potentially messy situation. Eforms make an unambiguous and and understandable record of events for all parties involved.

In short, the workflow solutions Datamation offers can make sure what is frequently the biggest headache for any business is handled properly. Managers will be given the tools to articulate problems and offer solutions and employees will be given every opportunity to succeed — and hopefully avoid the headache entirely next time.

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