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Scribonline is K-12 school records management made simple! It’s a fast, secure, paperless storage and fulfillment system at NO COST to your school district.

Please note: if you have a question about a personal transcript/record request, please contact the school district you requested the records from.

After that, visit the software help page or call (855) 465-1458.

Requests for transcripts and student files are handled through your school district’s website. Requests are collected in a queue, and then thorough enforcement of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is performed to ensure the validity of the request. Requested documents are accessed and delivered, and request fees are collected.

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Benefits and Capabilities of Online Digital Records Management

  • Student files and transcripts are requested through your website
  • Requests are collected in a queue and applicable fees are charged
  • The system wizard securely enforces FERPA guidelines prior to approving a request
  • Requested documents are delivered to the requestor
  • Fees accumulate and subsidize the conversion and storage of all the district’s records, including student files, transcripts, minutes, buildings and grounds, business office, personnel files, and more.

It’s that simple! Contact us for more information or to see how other districts are using online records management.