ImageSilo R84 Updates: Everything You Need to Know

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Over the next few weeks, ImageSilo, your document repository, will be undergoing some significant user interface changes designed to make your user experience even better.

As a premier reseller of ImageSilo, our team at Datamation is here to keep you informed and minimize the impact to your organization. Everything about this update is intended to make the user experience more comfortable and powerful for all users in any organization.

For those of you not using the new site already, the largest change will be the organization of projects. Instead of scrolling through the small list of projects as before, going forward all projects will be visible and pinnable to favorites in the new User Interface. Simply select one of the projects from your list and you will see the search screen that you are familiar with.

Here are a few of the other notable new features:

  • Simplify password changes and allow users to reset forgotten passwords via email.
  • Quickly create duplicate documents to modify index values, and keep the duplicate tied to the original.
  • Simplify sharing of information by converting e-forms to PDFs to send in email messages or to print.
  • Access projects, worksteps waiting/owned, e-forms, destruction lists, favorite and recent documents directly from the Home page.
  • Drag-and-drop files to the Add Documents, Project Search Criteria, Project Search Results, and Folder Results windows.
  • Utilize the Quick Search toolbar at the top of every page to perform an Advanced Search of all fields in all projects (previously called global search) or to search within a specified project, giving you secure, instant access to any document. Quick Search enables full-text search as well, simplifying your ability to instantly find exactly what you need.
  • Search for documents using Document ID or Document Creation Date.
  • Access User Options, Destruction Lists, Migration Jobs, Notifications, the Recycle Bin and Advanced Search using the menu bar.
  • Use icons to quickly access common functions, such as search, upload documents, or scan, simply by hovering over a project in the Home screen.
  • All values that were blank that displayed [Blank] now display no text information in the field. You can still search for blank values by typing [Blank] into the search fields.
  • New Thick Client. This is a full fledged version of the ImageSilo website used to resolve connectivity issues. This is a new application you can choose to use to launch from your computer after updating your PaperVision Client (previously PaperVision Web Assistant)

If you’re not quite ready for change the current site version (83.5) will be available for a limited time at:

Our experienced team is ready to help you make the most of your ImageSilo software. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call or fill out our contact form below and we’ll be in touch right away.