Protect Your Human Resources Files

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This post is part of The Datamation Guide to Human Resources Records.

Human Resources departments in any industry serve as the touch point for the entire company. As the department that handles sensitive and personal documents every day, it is vital that these documents are kept secure at all times. While most processes are made harder when paper documents are being used, keeping paper records secure is particularly difficult.

How safe can your filing cabinets really be? Even when they’re locked, not very. Not only can they be broken into, or simply left unlocked, but they are also vulnerable to fire and flood damage. Paper documents are just inherently insecure, no matter how they are stored.

Besides being unsafe during storage, paper documents are liable to get lost during processing, or even in the mail. It’s so easy for anyone to accidentally leave a sheet of paper on a desk, where before anyone knows it, it is buried underneath more paper. With the security of your employees on the line, this is unacceptable.

So what do you do to ensure your file security?

Datamation has the perfect security solution for any business in any industry. One of the most secure options for your documents is ImageSilo, an entirely cloud-based storage system. ImageSilo provides five layers of encrypted security, only giving those with specific passwords access to sensitive documents. At the same time, documents can be found quickly with a simple keyword search, eliminating the need to spend valuable time finding that one document that you need. Another great feature of ImageSilo is that administration can track who saw a sensitive document, and when, giving your company full visibility if anything ever comes into question.

Scanned and digitally stored documents can also be placed into a comprehensive workflow that makes all of your business’ processes uniform, an especially important factor in an HR department. Having uniform procedures for disciplinary measures, training, onboarding, and more ensures the consistent treatment of employees, leaving little room for dispute. It also saves employees the pain of manually entering data, saving your company time and money in turn. Better still, because paper documents aren’t being mailed and passed around, they are less likely to get lost in the everyday processes of an HR department.

Scanning your documents with Datamation protects your sensitive documents in more than one way. They are protected by five layers of security from unauthorized viewing, and they are protected from getting lost or damaged by fire and flood. And at the same time, as long as you’re an authorized user, accessing those documents has never been easier! Never again will your employees spend hours per week searching through filing cabinets for that one folder or sheet of paper that they need—documents can be found with a few clicks and a keyword search.

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