The Most Secure Solution for Your Sensitive Information

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This post is part of The Datamation Guide to Human Resources Records.

Human Resources departments are regularly bombarded with thousands of sheets of paper every day. What happens with this paper once it crosses your desk? Maybe it’s filed away into a box or a filing cabinet in the office. But the problem is that even with a locked filing cabinet, there is absolutely no guarantee that paper documents will be safe. Though this spells trouble for any department, HR departments are particularly vulnerable because of all of the sensitive documents that must be kept on file. Allowing those documents to fall into the wrong hands leaves your company and your employees extremely vulnerable.

The information that HR departments deal with every day may include medical records, performance evaluations, payroll information, emergency contact information with home addresses, financial information, and even social security numbers. All of this information is extremely personal, and if leaked, it would be devastating to both the employee and the company. With so much at risk, it is imperative that your company takes every measure it can to keep those documents safe.

Datamation can provide your company with the security it needs, creating the perfect customized solution for your business. It all begins with scanning all of your paper documents, which can be done with the paper documents that you already have, or documents can be scanned as they come in. This way, they become immediately accessible and much more secure than they were in paper form.

One of the most secure ways to store and access information is through ImageSilo, an entirely cloud-based storage system. Because everything is stored in the cloud, all of those records don’t take up any physical space. Better still, ImageSilo protects all of your documents using five layers of password protected security. This means that only those with explicit access and specific passwords can access the information. Records can also be accessed at any time, anywhere there is internet access. The best part of ImageSilo is that administration can also see who has accessed information, and when.

Keeping all of those extremely sensitive documents in paper form is simply not good enough when it comes to protecting your company and your employees. Locks don’t always keep intruders out, but five layers of security and password protection will. Don’t leave the security of sensitive employee information to chance—call Datamation today to discuss the perfect solution for your business.