Why Should I Upgrade to a New Document Scanner?

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Have you had your document scanners for a few years (or more)? If so, then you’ve probably wondered if it’s the right time to upgrade your equipment.

If your scanners are lagging, developing weird quirks, or requiring more frequent maintenance, then the answer to that is clear. But even if there aren’t any major problems it could still be a good idea to future proof your company and processes by investing in some new scanners.

Here are a few reasons why you should upgrade your document scanners.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Document Scanner

The reasons to upgrade your scanner aren’t entirely dissimilar from the reasons you would purchase a new smartphone or car.

1. Old Scanners May Be Incompatible with New Software

It’s very likely that older scanners are not Windows 10 compatible and are no longer being supported. Keeping older scanners means that you need to continually invest time and training in discontinued software. It also means expensive consultations or repair time if your scanner stops communicating with that older software.

2. Get the Latest Technology and Software

Just like most electronics, new scanners come with the latest software. This software makes it easier to program jobs for your scanners and produce higher quality images.

Additionally, scanner manufacturers are shipping scanners with features like on-board image processing. This means that the scanner will do a lot of the heavy lifting on processing your scanned documents and it lessens the strain on your PC.

3. Can Take Advantage of Trade-in Deals

Many production scanner manufacturers have a trade-in value or rebate for your current scanner that you can apply to the cost of a new one. Just ask about these when you’re looking to upgrade!

4. Make Scanning Legal-Sized Documents a Breeze

If you scan a large quantity of legal documents or papers that are larger than the standard A4 (8.5” x 11”) size, upgrading to a high volume document scanner with a 12” feeder will significantly cut down on scanning time. It will also give you a higher quality image.

5. Scan More Paper for a Lower Cost

Kodak i5650 Document ScannerNewer scanners are generally faster than older models. By increasing your scanning speed, you can save on labor costs. Over time, labor costs far exceed the cost of your document scanners.

6. New Scanners May Cost Less Than Maintaining Your Old Scanners

Just like owning a car, there’s a point where maintaining an old scanner is more expensive than purchasing a new one. Additionally, most new document scanners include a warranty of some length.

For example: many desktop scanners (like ones that are great for a home office) come with a 3-year warranty. Why pay for maintenance on those when you can have a brand-new model with an included warranty?

Reasons to Upgrade Your Document Scanner with Datamation

Not only are there many reasons to upgrade your scanners, but there are some great reasons why you should upgrade with Datamation.

1. Datamation Is a Top Preferred Reseller

Kodak S2070 Document ScannerWe have a longstanding partnership with the top scanner brands like Kodak Alaris. Between our relationships with manufacturers and the amount of companies we’ve helped with their scanner needs, we’re proud to hold the title of Preferred Reseller.

As a Preferred Reseller, we have access to pricing that is not available elsewhere.

2. We Offer Lease and Rent to Own Programs

If you need a scanner for a few projects and don’t anticipate needing it full-time after that, we can rent you a scanner for the length of your project.

Additionally, if you do want a scanner full-time and don’t quite have the room in your budget for the total price upfront, we offer rent-to-own programs to let you pay for your equipment in installment payments.

3. Datamation Is a One-Stop Shop for All Things Desktop and Production Scanners

Once you have your scanners, you will need to clean them frequently and replace worn down parts so that they last for years. Datamation sells parts, accessories, and cleaning supplies to keep your scanners running efficiently. No need to shop around – just give us a call.

4. We’re More Than Just an Office Equipment Store

When you upgrade your scanner or buy a new one from Datamation, it isn’t just a single transaction and it’s over. We are partners with our clients and will always be there for you when you have questions.

Not sure what kind of scanner you need? Call us. Unsure what the best output specifications are? We’ll help you decide. We won’t just deliver your scanner and never interact with you again.


If you’re thinking about upgrading your scanner, give our document scanner selector tool a try! You can filter by brand, price, and more! Now is also the time to also revisit your needs so that you’re buying the right scanner for your business.

Have any more questions? Give us a call (630) 321-0601 or contact us!