Kofax Capture™ automates and accelerates business processes by capturing all types of paper and electronic documents and forms, transforming them into accurate and actionable information, and delivering it all into core business applications, processes, and workflows.

Explore Some of the Benefits Kofax Users Experience

  • Kofax has both centralized and distributed processes to allow capture from any source or location.
  • Patented Kofax VRS® technology intelligently cleans, rotates, crops and deskews documents before data is extracted and delivered into business processes.
  • Capture software modules, called Agility, address several applications including onboarding, mortgage, and claims.
  • Newer modules, such as Kofax Insight and Kapow, provide data mining and business process intelligence.
  • Headquartered in Irvine, CA, Kofax is a Lexmark company and leading provider of process application that simplify the critical initial portion of customer and data interaction.

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