Keep Business Moving: Online Document Management & Digital Mailroom

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In these unprecedented times, it’s essential that people stay safe and healthy, and that all of us keep our businesses moving. That means more Zoom calls, Slack chats, and new software like online document management. We here at Datamation wanted to cover the multiple ways we’re here to help you keep your organization’s data secure and accessible while some or all of your staff works from home.

Online Document Management Software

document management remote workWith the influx of employees needing to work remotely, organizations need ways to stay connected and productive, and keep business processes moving. Datamation has always offered free 30-day access to leading cloud-based document management software for US-based companies, which we will continue to offer and support. With this trial, you and your employees can access and work on key documents from wherever you are.

Online document management software is secure, accessible, and collaborative. Using software like this ensures that you don’t have duplicate documents, everyone has access to the data they need when they need it, and employees can collaborate on documents and processes just as they would face-to-face. Documents and data are stored on a secure cloud server with multiple layers of security. The software is easily scalable to organizations of all sizes.

We’re proponents of document management software for everyone, but we especially recommend it for highly-regulated industries and any company/department that is audited often. These systems have built-in audit trails, so you always have a record of who accessed what.

Do you work in highly-regulated industry (like healthcare or finance) that still relies heavily on faxing? You may want to look into HIPAA-compliant cloud digital faxing solutions.

Emergency Mail Scanning and Digital Mailrooms

Even though offices are temporarily closed, we know how critical it is that you still receive and process your mail. Datamation can be your mailroom while your workers are at home.

We can collect or receive your mail, prep it, scan it, and then deliver it electronically to a central repository. We can also place it into workflow that will deliver it directly to the recipient or department. Depending on the type of document management software you have, we may even be able to upload it directly to your system.

Document Scanning Services

If you’re finding it difficult to get things done because your processes are mostly on paper and locked away in a filing cabinet, we can help you digitize your documents.

We’ll work with you to determine which documents are critical and how to prioritize scanning them. Then you can ship them to us, or we’ll do a low-contact pickup and bring them to our secure, SOC 2 Type 2 audited facility. After that, our HIPAA trained staff will scan, index, QC, and deliver the electronic files.

Desktop Scanners

Or, if you rather scan documents yourself, Datamation is a leading reseller of high quality, affordable, desktop scanners.

Some of our favorite scanners cost between $350 and $600 and don’t take up much room on a desk. They are easy to install and come with intuitive scanning software included. Your employees, whether remote or social distancing, can be up and running on their own scanners in less than an hour. Read our post about the best document scanners for remote work.


We can also help with any kind of paperless initiative you have. Maybe you want to create a public portal or forms for your customers. Or maybe you want to integrate your ERP with an online document management system for maximum productivity.

When it comes to your business information, we’re here to help. Contact us today.