School Business Managers: Quick Access to Every Record

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This post is part of The Datamation Guide to Managing School District Records.

As a business manager, it’s your job to manage the financial, legal, and project matters that confront your district on a daily basis.

Because many of the documents you deal with are financial in nature, you need the most secure system possible, but one that allows you to access any record in a moment’s notice. You also need an efficient workflow that allows you to process information requests, invoices, and more.

Scanning all of your vital documents with Datamation gives you that comprehensive, organized system that you’ve always wanted to help you juggle all of your daily tasks. Keep reading to learn how we can help you with the different kinds of documents you need to manage.

Drawings, Blueprints, and Project Manuals

Documents like large format blueprints and drawings can be difficult to have scanned, as many ordinary scanners don’t have that capability. This means that all of these unwieldy documents have to be stored in paper form, making them difficult to access and maintain. But as these documents need to be kept for as long as the building is standing, it’s important that they are stored securely.

Datamation has both the experience and the equipment to scan any documents that are wider or longer than usual, giving you immediate access to any building or property blueprints.  Datamation can also scan lengthy project manuals that are crucial in providing guidance and reference when planning or implementing a new project.

Accounts Payable/Vendor Records

A huge part of your job is handling the financial matters of your district, and this includes processing invoices, vendor contracts, and more. These documents can be scanned and posted to your accounting system simultaneously.

Datamation can help you take those documents and form a seamless workflow, eliminating the need to manually enter, match, and approve the information on invoices. This also means having immediate access to vendor records, past invoice payments, FOIA request invoices, and bid documents. You can even find a record with a keyword, date, or payment amount rather than having to dig through a filing cabinet or box.

Having immediate access to these important records is vital when it comes to answering questions posed by vendors, staff, or the community.

Payroll Records

Most districts have have payroll records and reports going back for decades, and if they are being stored in paper form, the probability of them being intact and in a single location is low. But if you scan all of these records, you can have them be accessible, secure, and searchable with a few simple keystrokes.

Let’s say that you need to provide proof of employment for an employee that worked in the district 25 years ago. Would you be able to find that record in paper form? When documents are stored digitally, these records can be text searched so you can verify employment within just a few minutes, while keeping them private and safe.

Financial/Banking Records

When it comes to storing banking, district financial, and bid records, the biggest necessity is access. When finances are being questioned, not being able to find a contract or record can damage your district’s reputation irrevocably. How long would it take you to find a three year-old-bank statement if you needed to? Even if you do find it, the amount of time that it would most likely take would also show poorly on your district.

It’s also important to ask yourself if you are keeping up with retention dates. If you are storing records in paper form, it’s likely that you’re not. When you scan your records and implement them into the system, you always know what documents (e.g. check registers and check copies) can be destroyed, and when.

Legal Files

Like financial and banking records, maintaining legal records securely ensures that your district is never caught unprepared during litigation or general investigation.

Datamation allows you to complete FOIA requests in seconds, keep grants on file for later reference, and access legal records when they are needed.

All records are entirely searchable, including that record of a specific case or request from 15 years ago. You can simply type in a name, price, or date and the exact file that you need will come right up.

Save space, time, and trouble with Datamation scanning and management systems.