This post is part of The Datamation Guide to Digitizing Your Microfilm.

Have you ever attempted to find the correct record or image within the correct reel of microfilm? If so, you probably just thought of how much of a pain it was to rummage for the reel, load one after the other into the microfilm reader, and then click through each reel until you finally (hours or days later) came upon what you needed. The solution to this problem and to so many others regarding your microfilm is to digitize with Datamation.

Many businesses who still use microfilm have that room that is used for storage, stacked with boxes of vaguely-marked boxes of microfilm. The thought of trying to sort through these boxes is daunting, especially when information needs to be found quickly.

However, when you digitize your microfilm, all of the information stored on the film is now available with just a few clicks. Hours of searching turns into finding the right file you need within seconds.

Once the microfilm is scanned and concerted, it can be uploaded in any format your business prefers. After being scanned, the files are then indexed. Indexing is when the information is sorted, tagged, and categorized so it comes up easily in searches.

Once it is indexed, you’ll never have to spend time digging through boxes of film again. With a simple search using a keyword, a date, or a name, you can find the exact image that you were looking for in just a few seconds, making research much more efficient and even enjoyable. This level of access isn’t just useful in libraries—any business or organization that uses microfilm can benefit from finding records quickly and efficiently. When more information can be found in less time, more gets done to benefit your business.

Finding the right roll of microfilm can often be a trial and error process. You may think you have the right roll, but scrolling through it, you realize that it’s the wrong one. You load another roll, and the process continues. When you digitize your microfilm, it is scanned and automatically indexed, organizing the microfilm so that it can be more efficiently searched in just a few clicks. You’ll never have to dig through reels of microfilm for hours again. Make research more efficient and enjoyable with Datamation.